Easy & Budget Friendly Home Staging Tips

If you’re selling your home for the first time, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Everyone wants their house to sell fast, but you may be wondering how can you help accomplish that? This week, Devine & Associates Real Estate has home staging tips that are perfect for sellers who are looking to save money and time when preparing their house to be sold.

Amp Up Your Curb Appeal

The first impression that potential buyers will have of your house is the front door and stoop. Whether or not they feel that the front of the house is welcoming could affect their perception of the rest of the house. No need to panic though, there’s a few quick and easy things you can do to boost your curb appeal. First, make sure to sweep or blow off any small twigs, leaves or dirt that may have collected in your driveway over time before a potential buyer comes over. Add in a fun welcoming doormat and a couple potted plants near the door to instantly make your home make them feel more welcome. These few revisions could help viewers imagine the home as their own. 

Keep it Smelling Fresh

Smell is one of the first things someone notices about a house when they walk in. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s easy to become accustomed to smells that may linger in our houses. To help eliminate any unusual smells in the house, consider buying a wall air freshener to plug into the common areas like the living room and kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen, make sure to take out the trash right before someone comes to view your home. If you have pets that will be at the house when they’re touring, try to relocate them to one room in the house, like the garage or a laundry room, that’s out of the way of the potential buyers. Another great way to add good smell while brightening up the space is adding a vase of fresh flowers to a common space like in the living room. 

Lighten Up the Space

Natural light in rooms help make the space seem more cheerful and homey. Make sure that your blinds and curtains are open throughout the house when potential buyers are there. Not only will the light help the area seem more airy, but you can also show off the views that the home offers. Just because natural light is coming in from the windows, don’t forget to keep the lights on throughout the house also. This will not only help showcase the rooms, but will also eliminate the frustration of the real estate agent and potential buyers fumbling around for the light switch. If you have any dark corners of the house, consider placing a lamp there to really help brighten the space. 


While it may be kind of sad to do this, try to de-personalize your house before someone comes to view it. Take down family photos and declutter spaces that hold personal documents or mail. Viewers will want to imagine how the space will look like as their own, so the lack of personal objects will help them visualize how their stuff will fit into the house. Doing this will also help you out when the time comes to move because it’ll be one less thing that you’ll have to pack up.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearranging your furniture may seem a little odd when you’re doing it, but it can really help the impression that your house leaves on the potential buyer. Before viewings of your house begin, take a look at how the furniture in your house is arranged and ask yourself if it allows the most possible free space in the room. If you find that there isn’t much floor space or if it seems a little cluttered, try to rearrange the furniture so that the space seems open. If you’re finding it difficult to create more space by rearranging the furniture, consider taking out a piece like an accent chair and putting it in storage or moving it to another part of the house.

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