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7 Reasons NOT to For Sale By Owner

One of the biggest transactions a person will make, is likely the sale of their real estate property. While it may seem easier to list your home for sale by owner, it actually involves a ton of hidden work. For the best chances at selling your house, consider listing with a professional. Your experienced real estate agents in Eldon, MO have provided a few of the many reasons to NOT list your home for sale by owner. 1. Buyer’s Agents Steer Clear Many times an agent representing a buyer will not even look at homes listed by the owners. Realtors have a database they reference when searching for a home, and most likely, a house that is not listed with an agent will not appear on this list. This limits the pool of potential buyers on the market drastically, since the majority of buyers use an agent. 2. Number of People Involved A long list of people involved in a home transaction need to be kept up with, when selling a home. The buyer, buyer’s agent, home inspecto

5 Tips to Prepare the Exterior of Your Home for Fall

As the first weekend of fall approaches, you may want to start making that list of tasks to conquer around your home. There are a number of updates and clean-ups that can be performed throughout the fall months. If you are looking for a way to make improvements around your home this autumn season, the expert team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO have provided a list of ideas for you. 1) Seed the Lawn After you mow your lawn for the final time this fall, it is recommended to seed the yard for optimum grass growth next year. Fall is the perfect time to seed your lawn in order to help promote growth come spring. The seed will penetrate the soil and stay protected all winter. When spring rolls around, you will be pleased with your lush, green grass that you planted in the fall. 2) Add Plants to Landscape If you wish to spruce up your landscape, planting shrubs and trees in the fall can get them rooted and ready to bloom in the spring. You may also want to add

When to Scope Out Your Potential New Neighborhood

If you are considering the purchase of a home, be sure to check it out at different times of the day. You will want to see what the neighborhood atmosphere is like at various times. Many times a new homeowner will not be aware of noise or traffic by their house, until they move in and experience it first-hand. This could sometimes be a deal breaker, depending on the severity of the noise or traffic. Do not be blindsided by a noisy neighborhood, because you did not take the time to scope out the area at different times throughout the day. Your experienced team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO have provided a list of different times of the day you should drive by a home you are interested in purchasing. Morning It can be helpful to gauge your morning commute if you drive by your potential new home around the time you would be making your way to work. The purpose is to do a test run of what could be your everyday morning commute. This will help give you an idea of traff

Should I Buy Or Rent?

The purchase of a home is an exciting time for many home buyers, although taking this big step can be a little intimidating as well. Many people debate whether it is better to rent or buy a home. When it boils down to it, an individual will have to weigh their personal options and decide what is the best living situation for themselves. Your trusted team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO have broken down some of the pros and cons of buying and renting, to help you decide what is best for your personal situation. Pro of Buying 1) Purchasing a home can offer long term security and help establish a stable environment for you and your family. 2) There is a potential of making a profit off of the sale of your home, down the road. Homes can appreciated over time, especially if you make upgrades and updates as you live in the house. 3) Creative control is another benefit of buying a home. The ability to make your space yours by decorating and painting with your perso