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Things to Ask Your Significant Other Before Buying a Home Together

Buying a home is one of the most exciting times for many couples. It's a great way to commit to one another, whether you are married or not. While it may seem like an easy process to buy a home with someone else, but you have a number of opinions and tastes to please. Before you buy a home near Eldon, MO together, it can be beneficial to discuss the process. Take a look below for some of the things you should go over before you buy a home together. Location Before you start looking, it's best to compromise on a home location that the two of you like. This can help to avoid a fight during the home shopping process if you both want to live in different areas. Whether you want to live in town or on a rural property, it's best to make this decision beforehand. It can also help to narrow down your search and not be overwhelmed with all the properties for sale, especially if you are not interested in a certain area. Home Type The type of home is a big deal. Whether yo

Perks of Buying a Fixer-Upper

Are you planning to buy a home near Eldon, MO soon? There are a number of housing options available to meet your buying needs. There are move-in-ready and fixer-upper options on the market. If you are thinking about buying a home that needs some renovation or improvements, this week's blog is for you! Devine & Associates have provided some of the great reasons why buying a fixer-upper is a good idea! Build Equity FAST When you make improvements to your home, you are adding to the value. If you buy a property with intentions of fixing it up, you are quickly building equity. It's a great way to invest your money. When and if you plan to sell, your home will likely be worth much more than you purchased it for. Personalize Your Space When you redo a home, you get to make all the design decisions. From flooring and paint color to the layout of the home, you can make changes and personalize the space to fit the needs of you and your family. It's a place in which y

Decorating Tips for Your Small Space

A small space can be tricky to decorate without seeming too cluttered. As your Eldon, MO real estate agent , we pride ourselves on working with all type of home buyers. Whether you are renting a small place or own a cozy home, there are some decorating tips that can help your space FEEL bigger than it is. Take advantage of these tips below if you want to feel more comfortable in your smaller space. Think Up Many homeowners will think out instead of up. Try to decorate your walls up to the top. A shelf above a doorway is a great example of this. It's unused space that can be easily used for storage. Consider adding shelving or bookcases along an empty wall to help maximize storage space. Hang Them High When decorating your space, hang items up high on the wall. This can help to draw your eye upward, increasing the visual space of the room. It can help for windows to appear bigger than they are if you hang the curtain toward to ceiling. It makes the room appear taller than

7 Ways to Combat the Winter Blues INSIDE Your Home

Have the winter blues got you down? With the cold winter temps, it's a great time to be inside in the warmth of your own home. If you are starting to go a bit stir crazy inside, making changes inside your home can help avoid cabin fever. As your trusted real estate agent in Eldon, MO , we want you to make the most of your time inside during the winter - that way you can take advantage of the nice weather once spring and summer are here. Take a look below for some great project ideas to accomplish this winter! 1) Deep Clean Your Floors Your floors get a TON of traffic throughout the year. While the winter snow and mud can lead to grime building up, it's important to take time to thoroughly clean your floors. From shampooing carpet to re-sealing hardwoods, you may as well take care of this task while you are stuck inside during the winter months. 2) Repaint A Room Are you tired of the same old paint colors throughout your home? Take this opportunity to paint a room a n

Perks of Updating the Floors in Your Home

Are you thinking about updating your home? If you are debating where to start, the floors may be a great place to start. Whether you plan to sell your home at the Lake of the Ozarks or simply want to make updates for your own enjoyment, there are a number of benefits of doing so. Take a look below to learn more about a few of the perks of updating your home's flooring. Increase Home Value Like most home updates, the value of your space goes up with the money you invest in your house. New floors throughout your home can help to significantly increase your property value. Flooring is a great way to give your home a new look while increasing the value. Even if you are not thinking about selling right away, newer floors can improve your chances of selling, when the time comes. Give it a Fresh Start Floors are walked on each and every day. This can cause them to wear and become dirty over time. Give your home a fresh start with nice clean floors. While hardwood and tile floo