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Moving With Young Kids: 5 Tips Simplify The Process

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming for anyone, but it can be especially tough for young children. Your kids may not be mature enough to understand all your reasons for moving; all they will know for certain is that they have to leave the home they know and move to an unfamiliar house, potentially in an equally unfamiliar city or state. Working to make the process easier on your children can be hugely beneficial for everyone involved. Here are a few tricks you can try, courtesy of your friends at Devine & Associates Real Estate . 5 Tips For Moving With Kids 1. Get Your Little Ones Involved In The Home Search One of the biggest reasons kids dislike moving is often because they feel helpless. You can help overcome this by bringing your children with you when you tour homes for sale at the Lake of the Ozarks . Kids may find a full day of house shopping to be exhausting, though, so we recommend waiting until you have narrowed your choices down to the top 2-4 properties.

Moving With Pets - 7 Important Reminders

Moving to a new house in Laurie, Missouri is always a big undertaking - but it becomes an even bigger project when you have children or pets that will be making the move with you. Next week we will focus on how to move with kids, but this week we are here to look specifically at a few tips to help pet owners move to their new homes. We hope you find them useful! Moving With Pets - 7 Quick Tips 1.  Obtain Veterinary Records If you are moving to a different city or state, you will probably have to find a new vet. Before you leave, make sure you get access to your pet's prior veterinary records; your new vet will likely need this information in order to properly care for your animal. 2.  Arrange A Sitter For Moving Day If your first step is to determine which day you will be moving, your second step is to arrange for someone to watch your animals on that day. You don't want to have to worry about your pets getting underfoot or escaping when the doors are propped open

Vicki Devine Graduates Missouri REALTORS® Leadership Academy

We have an exciting announcement at Devine & Associates Real Estate ! Owner/Broker Vicki Devine recently graduated Missouri REALTORS® Leadership Academy Class, and we're very proud of her. Check out this press release from Missouri REALTORS® : Missouri REALTORS® Press Release The 2015 Leadership Academy Class was honored at the Missouri REALTORS® Fall Conference with a graduation ceremony. Eleven REALTORS® from across the state participated in an intensive, yearlong leadership training program in order to earn their graduate certificates. Missouri REALTORS® coordinates the statewide program to train emerging leaders in the real estate industry. REALTORS® who graduated from the academy include:  Micci Coggeshell, Joplin, New Generation Realty Mary R. Edwards, Kansas City, Re/Max Elite Ryan Cunningham, Columbia, Century 21 Advantage Dennis Jordan, Columbia, House of Brokers  Vicki Devine, Eldon, Devine and Associates Real Estate Jeff Kester, Springfield, Re/Max Ho

A Smaller Home Might Be A BIG Idea

Deciding you're ready to buy a house in near the Lake of the Ozarks is only the very first step - you then have to decide exactly where you want to live, how big you want your next home to be, what particular features you want your home to include, what amenities you want nearby... the list goes on and on. This week, we're here to help find the answer to one of these important questions. How Big Should Your Home Be? Size is one of first factors you should consider when you're preparing to buy your first home. If you choose a home that's too big for you, you could end up paying unnecessarily high energy costs to heat and/or cool all those rooms you barely use. If you buy a home that's too small, on the other hand, you could quickly outgrow your space and end up needing to search for a new home sooner than later. In order to determine what size home will be best for you, you have to carefully evaluate several different factors, such as your budget, size of y