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Easy Ways to Increase the Cozy Factor When Selling

When it's cold outside, you want your home to feel like a warm escape. When it comes time to sell your home near Eldon, MO it's important to ensure your space is cozy and inviting for potential buyers. It can be helpful for the sale of your home if you can make buyers FEEL warm and comforted as they enter your space. Just in time for the freezing temperatures, this week's blog focuses on increasing the cozy factor inside your space when selling. Take a look below to see just how easy it can be! Warm Color Tones Warm tones of beige and grey appeal to the widest range of potential buyers. These color tones can help a space feel fresh and clean, as well as cozy. Consider painting your walls a neutral color to increase the feeling of warmth inside your home. A splash a warm, bolder colors can be incorporated through pillows and other decoration to give your space some spice. Throw Pillows & Blankets A blanket and cozy pillow give the vibe of comfort. And you wan

5 Perks of Homeownership

Homeownership is something many people dream of. While renting can be convenient for some, owning your own home has a lot of advantages to consider. In today’s blog, your Lake of the Ozarks real estate team discusses some of the perks of homeownership . 1. Return on Investment. When you rent your home, you’re paying someone else’s mortgage. When it’s all said and done, and your lease is up, you have nothing to show for it. While renters don’t have to worry about paying for upkeep and maintenance issues, they aren’t getting a return on investment. Owning your own home does come with some added expenses, but your return on investment is much greater. Unlike other purchases that decrease in value, like your car, home appreciate over time. While each market has it’s ups and downs, you’re paying down your mortgage debt while the home value rises. This creates buying and reinvestment power known as equity. 2. Tax Benefits. The government encourages homeownership, which encourages e

Stage Your Master Bed & Bath to Sell

Staging your home is a very important step in the selling process. Staging your home to make it aesthetically pleasing to buyers can take some design. The master bedroom and bathroom of your home are areas that can help you sell your home quickly. If you are selling your home, Devine and Associates would like to help you successfully stage and sell your home and be your trusted real estate agent in Eldon, Missouri . Here are some ways you can stage your bedroom and bathroom to make it look presentable and inviting for a future buyer. The Bathroom: Staging can simplify the look of your space for less distractions for those who are looking to buy your house. Decorate the bathroom with simple pieces such as candles, towels, and pictures that go with the theme of your master bedroom. Create a clean atmosphere by sanitizing the tub, toilet, faucets, and shower. Polish the floors, mirrors, and sink surfaces to make your entire bathroom sparkle. The Bedroom: Get rid of worn, out

Buying vs. Renting a Home

There is a constant debate on whether renting or buying a home is the smarter choice. The truth of the matter is that it depends on your unique situation. Are you ready to be a homeowner? Keep reading to learn about things to consider when debating between continuing to rent or buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks . Buying a Home When thinking about purchasing a home at the Lake of the Ozarks , you’ll first want to consider your financial situation. Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make. While the monthly payment of your mortgage could easily be less than what you’re paying for rent, you need to include the added expenses of homeownership into your figures. When you own your own home, you are now in charge of home maintenance and repairs, and property insurance. Home maintenance costs are often underestimated by prospective home buyers. The advantage here, is that you are in control of who does the repairs and you don’t have to wait on ac