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5 Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

If you have to sell a home at the Lake of the Ozarks for the first time, you may be wondering how the whole process works. Your goal is to get the most money for your home that you can, with the least amount of time on the market. Factors such as how you price the home, how it is prepared for sale, and how it is marketed can determine the success of your home sale.  Devine & Associates can help first-time home sellers prepare their homes for the market. Here are some tips for those selling their homes for the first time: Get Your Home Move-In Ready Your home needs to be ready to show at all times. Even if you can't afford to make any improvements, make your home move-in ready by making cosmetic repairs. Replace ripped screens, fix broken baseboards, tighten leaky faucets, and tidy your landscaping. Remove all personal items that have sentimental value and knickknacks. You want buyers to picture themselves living there. Price Your Home Right The biggest interes

Common First-Time Homebuyers' FAQs

When you are ready to buy your first home at the Lake of the Ozarks you may have some questions about the entire process. Taking on a mortgage and caring for a home is a new responsibility. By working with a  REALTOR® at the Lake of the Ozarks who is willing to answer any questions you have along the way, you can be prepared and make informed decisions. It is exciting to buy your first home, and Devine & Associates can answer a number of questions about your first home purchase. Below we have answered some common questions to prepare you for homeownership: Why Should I Buy Instead of Rent? Unlike renting, owning a home is an investment. The check you write each month for rent goes to your landlord, whereas the interest from your mortgage payments can be deducted from your federal income taxes. You can also deduct your property taxes you pay as a homeowner. In addition, the value of your home may go up over the years. Eventually, you will have something that is all your

Is a Reverse Mortgage a Good Option for You?

There can be some challenges that come with growing older and maintaining your home at the Lake of the Ozarks . A reverse mortgage is an option for homeowners 62 years and older with little or no mortgage debt, and live in the home where they are seeking their reverse mortgage. Below we answer some basic questions regarding a reverse mortgage: What is A Reverse Mortgage? A reverse mortgage is a type of home equity loan for older homeowners that does not require monthly mortgage payments. The loan is repaid after the borrower moves out or passes away. Retirees typically use cash to supplement income, pay for health care expenses, pay off debt or finance home improvement jobs. Who Benefits From a Reverse Mortgage? Reverse mortgages enable seniors 62 and older to access a portion of their home equity. There are a lot of reasons that motivate people to get a reverse mortgage including unexpected home expenses or a health care condition. The bank makes payments to the borrow

Treat Mom to a Spectacular Brunch this Mother's Day!

There are many fine dining options available when you live at the Lake of the Ozarks , which is perfect for treating mom on her special day. To let your mom know just how much you appreciate her, do a little extra this year. Treat her to brunch at the Lake of the Ozarks! Here are some spectacular Mother's Day brunches you will find this Sunday, May 8th, 2016: H. Toad's Bar and Grill Lake Ozark 11 AM - 3 PM H. Toad's Bar and Grill will feature an expansive and varied menu prepared by Chef "Red" Messino, winner of the 2016 Silver Cup Challenge. The menu features a fresh seafood bar, imported and domestic cheese display, and a gourmet antipasto spread, and more. Brunch selections range from your favorite country breakfast items to baked goods and five different meat or fish entrees with an additional carving station of herb-crusted prime rib or slow roasted turkey. There will be a great selection of delectable desserts to choose from as well. Prices for b