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5 Reasons to Buy a Home Warranty

If you're thinking about purchasing a home, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. From narrowing down the right home for you and your family to deciding how to decorate your new space, you may overlook an important factor of buying a home. A home warranty can help to pay for issues that may arise with the home systems or appliances. The best team of REALTORS® in Eldon, MO are here to help point out some of the reasons you should purchase a home warranty. 1) Avoid Major Expense A home warranty offers a number of benefits, including replacement of faulty home systems or appliances. Depending on which warranty company you choose, there are different replacement and repair options available. Typically, when a covered appliance breaks down, your home warranty company will send out a technician to make a repair and/or replace the item. The same goes for a home systems - air conditioner or water heater - an attempt to repair the system will be made and if it cannot b

7 Tips for Your Next Move

Did you know May is National Moving Month? With a number of schools letting out for the year and summer getting ready to start, many people decide to relocate during this month. Whether you're planning to move across state lines or across town, it's important to plan and prepare for your big move. The best real estate agents in Eldon, MO are here to help you out! Devine & Associates has dedicated this week's blog to some helpful tips to help you get ready for your next move. 1) Start Early While you may be wondering when is too soon to start packing - it's never too soon! You can always get your out-of-season clothing boxed up and any decor or household items that you don't use on a regular basis packed away. Although it may SEEM too soon, you don't want to be rushed at the end - creating more stress on yourself. 2) Label Boxes It's super important to label the boxes as you go. This can help keep the stacks organized as you load up the movin

Create Stellar Curb Appeal

Thinking about selling your home at the Lake of the Ozarks ? While your home itself is a major selling point, it's important to attract potential buyers to your entire property. Curb appeal can be a major factor in gaining the attention of buyers. More times than not, a buyer will drive by the property, before scheduling a showing. Hook those buyers as they drive by your home and entice them to see the inside of your space! Your trusted real estate agents in Eldon, MO have provided a few easy ways to improve your curb appeal efforts. Mow the Yard It's important to keep your yard trimmed up nicely, when your home is for sale. This is an easy way to improve the appearance of your home's exterior. Try to schedule a regular mow, to keep up with the rapid growth of spring and summer. A nicely mowed yard is a great sign that the home is regularly maintained, from a buyer's point of view. Plant Some Flowers There are a ton of benefits of adding flowers into your

Why You Shouldn't FSBO

Selling your home? You have plenty of options, when it comes to selling your home at the Lake of the Ozarks . Taking on the sale of your home by yourself requires a ton of work and we've pointed out some of the reasons why you shouldn't take on that task alone! The best team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO are here for all of your home sale needs. For reasons why you SHOULDN'T for sale by owner, take a look at the points below. Exposure The majority of home buyers search online, when looking for homes. For homeowners selling on their own, it can be hard to get their property online and in front of potential buyers. An agent's goal is to gain exposure for their client's property. This is a vital step in the selling process, and a professional real estate agent has a TON of experience in this department. Results Agents are all about driving results, which may be difficult for an individual trying to sell. There is a lot more to selling a home than put