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EASY and INEXPENSIVE Ways to Stage Your Home

If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you may be thinking about ways to make improvements to your space to help it better appeal to potential buyers. As your team of experienced real estate agents in Eldon, MO, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners prepare their homes for a successful sale. If you're thinking about selling your home near Eldon, MO, it's time to start prepping your space for potential buyers!

Pack Up Personal Belongings Your personal belongings can take away from a buyer's experience as they enter your home for sale. A potential buyer may get distracted by your family photos on the wall - which may make it hard for them to imagine their family in your space. If you have religious or controversial items on display, now is a good time to get those packed away, as well. You don't want a once interested buyer to leave with a bad taste in their mouth due to an item or picture that offended them. This is a great chance for you to get a head …

Common Expenses for First Time Home Buyers

Are you dreaming about becoming a homeowner? Buying your first home is an exciting time but it can come with a few surprises. Our team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO specializes in helping first time buyers. That's why we work hard to prepare first time home buyers in Mid-MO for the expected and maybe unexpected costs that come with buying a home. Take a look below to learn about some of the common expenses that goes hand in hand with buying your first home.

Home Inspection Many times, a home inspection must be performed on a house before the mortgage lender will approve the loan. The inspection lets the current homeowner and the potential home buyer know about the current condition of the home. The buyer is typically in charge of paying the inspector to look over and report on the home in question.

Appraisal An appraiser will look through the home and compare to similar homes in the area to give an amount that he or she thinks the home is worth. The mortgage company will look…

Fall Maintenance Checklist For Your Home

It's finally starting to feel like fall and now's the perfect time to make some updates around your home. As a homeowner in mid-Missouri, it's important to maintain your investment. If you're thinking about selling your home near Eldon, MO in the future, invest some time into your space on a regular basis. This can help ensure your property is in tip-top shape for potential buyers, once you decide to list your Eldon, MO home for sale. Below you can find a few items you can check off your list this beautiful fall weekend!

Rake Leaves As the leaves turn colors and start to fall off the trees, they start to litter your yard. Keep up with falling leaves on a regular basis to avoid a big pile up and even bigger clean up toward the end of fall! Sticking with a regular leaf clean up can make it much easier to take on the large amount of leaves that will fall off the limbs.

Trim Shrubs It's the ideal time of year to trim back your shrubs and trees around your home. This ca…

🍁Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Sell🍁

Are you thinking about selling your home near Eldon, MO? Now is the PERFECT time to do so! You may be wondering why... our team of Eldon, MO real estate agents have picked a few of the top reasons to share with you. From cooler temps for moving to housing demands, there are many reasons to list your home for sale in mid-Missouri. Take a look below to learn why!

Serious Buyers There are a number of serious buyers on the market. With the housing supply down, there are more buyers than available properties. This creates the perfect opportunity to sell your home quickly. If more than one buyer is interested in your space, you may have a bidding war on your property - which is great news for a seller!

Complete the Transaction before Winter If you want to get settled into your new space before the cold of winter hits, now's a great time to sell! If your property goes quickly, you can be into your new home before winter hits. It's much more pleasant to move during the mild fall temp…

Thinking About A Fixer Upper? Here's 6 Reasons Why You SHOULD!

Do you have your eye on a fixer upper? What are you waiting for? Buying a fixer upper near Eldon, MO has a ton of perks. As your experienced team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO, we know some of the major benefits of buying this type of property. Learn about a few of the reasons WHY you should purchase a fixer upper below!

Reason #1: Personalize Your Space When you redo a home, you get to make all the design decisions. From flooring and paint color to the layout of the home, you can make changes and personalize the space to fit the needs of you and your family. It's a place in which you can be proud and know that your hard work has paid off to create the perfect home.

Reason #2: Help Improve the Neighborhood Give your neighborhood a facelift when you purchase a fixer-upper. Whether the home is an eyesore in its current location or you want to start improving the appearance of the area, it's a great reason to buy a home that needs work. This is your chance to make a visual d…

🍎Continue the Festive Fun at the Olde Tyme Apple Festival🍎

We had a great time at the Eldon, MO Turkey Festival but if you're ready to continue the fall festivities, don't miss the Olde Tyme Apple Festival in Versailles, MO this weekend - October 6th. As your experienced team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO, we know how important it is to get out and enjoy the communities around our hometown. We invite our friends and clients to enjoy ANOTHER exciting festival in the area. Take a look below to find a schedule of events for the Apple Festival.

About the Olde Tyme Apple Festival: The Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to host the 39th Annual Olde Tyme Apple Festival. This award-winning festival is enjoyed by thousands of festival-goers from all over the state and beyond. Activities include a parade, many vendors selling wares, lots of food booths, a car show (at Versailles City Park), fiddle contest, apple pie and much more!

Olde Tyme Apple Festival Schedule of Events:THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4 7 p.m. “Seussical the Musical” Play …

🍁Get Into the Fall Spirit at the 33rd Annual Turkey Festival🦃

ARE YOU EXCITED? We can't wait for the 2018 Turkey Festival in Eldon, Missouri. Enjoy the fun fall festivities as the festival takes over the town this weekend - September 29, 2018. As the best team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO we know how much FUN this annual festival is! It's one of the fantastic perks of living near Eldon, Missouri. Take a look below to learn what you can expect to find at this festive event!

There is something for everyone to enjoy at the Eldon Turkey Festival. A TON of vendors featuring crafts, jewelry and clothing, delicious food, entertainment, kids activities, a pageant, parade, 5K, and more can be found this weekend. It's a thrilling way to spend a day getting into the fall spirit.

Shop 'til you drop as you walk around various vendor booths that line the streets of downtown Eldon. Don't forget about the famous smoked turkey legs! Catch some live music and a bunch of thrilling activities for kids and adults of all ages. You can't …

Focus On Your Curb Appeal This Fall

Is your home ready for potential home buyers from the exterior? Many eager buyers will drive by a property before scheduling a showing of the home for sale near Eldon, MO. This is your chance to grab the attention of potential buyers! As your experienced team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO, we know how important curb appeal is and fall is not the time to let it fall to the wayside.

Trim Your Lawn The grass is still growing and it's a good idea to continue to mow the lawn on a regular basis. This can help your entire home seem more put together and give the impression that you keep up with maintenance around your property - which is a good sign for buyers.

Prepare for Falling Leaves While the leaves aren't quite ready to fall yet, they will be dropping on the ground in no time. Have a plan of attack for the leaves in place now. Consider cleaning up the leaves on a regular basis to avoid a long, hard day of leaf clean up later in the fall. If you consistently clean up fallen…

🔥HOT EVENT ALERT- Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest🔥

The Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest is upon us! As more and more bikers roll into town, the festivities will pick up this weekend - 9/14-9/16. This is just ONE of the thrilling events around the Lake of the Ozarks that locals can enjoy. Take a look below to learn all about the exciting events you can catch around the area this weekend.

Bikefest Lake of the Ozarks Events: Friday: September 142nd Annual ALR Post 624 Veterans Memorial Bike Parade & Vegas Vacation w/Air Giveaway
Starting at Camdenton VFW Post 5923 to Sunrise Beach AL Post 624
Line up starting at 9:00am
Kickstands up at Noon
Sponsored by the American Legion Riders of Post #624 in Sunrise Beach

Indian Motorcycle Test Drives & New/Used Bike Sale
9 am to 6 pm
Test Drives from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Must have a motorcycle endorsement on your license. There will be 20 - 25 demos of all the Indian line and there will also be 20 - 30 new and used bikes for purchase. Indian hats & tee shirts will also be available for purchase.

Get to Know the Devine & Associates Team

Are you thinking of buying or selling a home near Eldon, MO? It may be time to get familiar with a few Eldon, Missouri real estate agents. As your experienced team of agents, we can help you complete your real estate goals. If you're interested in learning more about our team, you're in luck! Below you can get to know our agents.

Get to Know Vicki Devine1. How did you get involved in real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks?
Walked into Veach Realty to get advice on the job market and never left. Great learning environment and supportive people.
2. Who is your family?
My "family" consists of a few very special people. I have two grown sons and am shocked we all survived the teen years. Most important my 5 year old granddaughter Kenzie. She holds my heart in the palm of her hand. I had no idea that my capacity to love was so so so DEEP.
3. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
If I had free time I would love to travel. As a consolation, I love to read. That is my escap…

Reasons to Have a Professional On Your Side

Buying a home is likely the largest investment many people will make. It's not something to take lightly. As your experienced team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO, we know the ins and outs of the business. From market changes to negotiations to the closing process, Devine & Associates can help with every aspect of your real estate transaction. Take a look below to learn WHY you should have a professional on your side, when it comes to buying or selling a home near Eldon, MO.

Experience with Market Fluctuation The real estate market is ever changing. It's important to have a knowledge of where the market has been and where it's headed when you enter into the real estate market. A full-time, experienced agent can help advise you on all the market information you need to make a smart real estate decision.

Marketing Tools Readily Available We utilize a number of marketing tools to help get your home in front of as many potential home buyers, as possible. In addition, we…