5 Home Staging Tips for the Holidays

Selling your home this time of year may seem a bit overwhelming. It's important to keep your home listed for sale to gain that extra exposure from potential buyers. You never know, the ideal buyer may start looking around the holidays. If you're selling your home near Eldon, MO this holiday season, you may not be sure how to stage your space. Our team of real estate agents in mid-Missouri have some tips for you!

Get Into the Holiday Spirit

It's best to keep your home decorated for the holidays when you decide to sell this time of year. This can help potential buyers picture the home during the home during the holiday season - helping them see all the potential the property offers. A nicely decorated home makes many people smile and that's a good thing for eager buyers to be doing when they enter your home!

Think Curb Appeal

Take a look at your home from the road. The holidays are no time to let your curb appeal slip. Consider hanging a few Christmas lights to give your space that extra touch of holiday spirit. Also, ensure your lawn is tidy. Try to pick up any stray limbs or twigs that may fall this time of year. It's also a good idea to keep your leaves raked on a regular basis to help your property look tidy.

Keep Walkway Clear

Pay extra attention to your walkway during the cold months of the year. While it's always important to make sure you have an easy to navigate path to your door, a little extra care may be required this time of year. On a cold day, ensure your path is ice-free to avoid a potential buyer slipping when they enter your home.

Offer Holiday Treats

Some Christmas cookies or other holiday treats on the counter is a nice touch. This offers a holiday touch and is a nice gesture for potential buyers as they tour your home. A buyer may relax as they enjoy your holiday treat and help them remember your space. 

Consider Simple Decor

While not everyone goes all out for the holidays, but if that's your style, maybe try to tone it back a bit this year. A more low-key and simple Christmas decor style may appeal best to a wide range of potential buyers. You don't want to overwhelm a buyer as they drive by or walk into your home. Simplicity is key when it comes to holiday decor when you're selling your home.

Now's the perfect time to ensure your space is ready for potential home buyers in Eldon, MO. Here at Devine & Associates, we know the value of having your home for sale during the holidays. Some may advise you to take your home off the market but we don't want you to miss out on those potential buyers who are looking this time of year. If you're ready to list your mid-Missouri home for sale, contact us today!

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