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Ring in the New Year at the Lake of the Ozarks

As the year comes to a close and a new one begins, it is a great time to celebrate! What are your plans for the upcoming holiday weekend? The area has a variety of New Year’s Eve events scheduled. Your trusted real estate agents in Eldon, Missouri have provided some of the local parties in which you can attend. Whether you are looking for a relaxing evening with the kids or an adult getaway, there is a New Year’s event at the Lake of the Ozarks for you!

New Year's Eve at the Inn at Grand Glaize
New Years Eve Party December 31st
Appetizers 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Dinner Buffet 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Live Entertainment starts at 8:30 pm; Catfish Willie
Call for more information and package details.

New Year's Eve at Old Kinderhook
Ballroom Celebration at The Lodge at Old Kinderhook; 8:00 pm till 1:00 am; $80/Person Includes:
Live Music by Spontaneous
Champagne Toast at Midnight with Sweets Table
Balloon Drop at Midnight over The Ice
Multiple Food Stations
Cash Bar

Don’t Drive, Stay the Night:

Sweet Treats for the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is time to plan out your Christmas meal this year! Whether you are hosting your family gathering or bringing a dish to a friend’s home, a scrumptious treat will be enjoyed by all! The best real estate agent in Eldon, Missouri has provided some delicious holiday treat ideas for a memorable desert table this year!

Old-Fashioned Peanut Brittle by Del Lockamy
-1 ½ cups white sugar
-1 ½ cups raw peanuts
-½ cup white corn syrup
-¼ cup water
-½ teaspoon salt
-1 ½ teaspoons baking soda

Spray two cookie sheets with non-stick spray coating.
In a 4-quart saucepan over medium-high heat, combine the sugar, corn syrup and water. Heat to boiling and add peanuts. Cook until peanuts become golden in color and syrup mixture beads off nuts when raised out of pan. Quickly mix in the salt and baking soda until well blended.
Pour the mixture onto the prepared cookie sheets. Allow mixture to spread on its own. Cool completely, and break into pieces. Store in air-tigh…

7 Staging Tips for Your Living Room

A home tends to sell successfully, when it is appropriately staged. Whether you are living in the home you want to sell near Eldon, Missouri, or you have already moved out, staging is an important part of the selling process. For help staging your space, Devine & Associates can assist you in the sale of your home. Your trusted real estate agents in Eldon, MO have provided some helpful staging tips for your living room space.

1) De-clutter
When preparing your home to sell, remove any unnecessary clutter from your space. Eliminate distractions that can pull potential buyer’s attention away from viewing the home. Try to pack away family pictures and memorabilia, as well as any unused items to help clear the living room space.

2) Furniture Placement
Placement of the furniture in the living room can create a new look and flow for the entire space. Try to keep furniture grouped in a conversational setting, away from the walls, if space allows. When furniture is pulled away from the wall…

7 Expenses of Which First Time Home Buyers Should Be Aware

Many first-time home buyers are surprised by all of the costs required to purchase and maintain a house. Before making the decision to buy, it is important to know all of the costs associated with homeownership. If you are planning to buy a home hear Eldon, Missouri in the near future, prepare for the expenses ahead. Purchasing a home is a big decision and a major stepping stone in life. Your trusted real estate agent in Eldon, Missouri is here to help you through home buying process. Provided below, by Devine And Associates, are some of the expenses that first-time home buyers should know about.
1. Escrow
An escrow account is set up to pay for critical home expenses, such as homeowner insurance and property taxes to ensure these costs are being paid. A portion of the homeowner’s monthly mortgage payment will be put into the escrow account for these expenses. The escrow amount can fluctuate in accordance to a number of factors.

2. Home Inspection
Many times, a home inspection must be …

Holiday Happenings Near Eldon

With Christmas right around the corner, there are a number of festivities taking place over the next few weeks. To get into the holiday spirit, bring your family out to one of these holiday events near Eldon, Missouri. Your trusted real estates agent in Eldon, MO have provided a list of Christmas happenings in the area. Come out and enjoy all this beautiful area has to offer its residents!

Versailles Christmas on the Square
Dec 03, 2016
Downtown Versailles
100 E Newton Street
Versailles Missouri 65084
Hours of Operation: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Booth vendors situated outside around the historic Courthouse Square, Versailles Choir to sing on Courthouse steps, Santa arrives on the Versailles Rural Fire Department Fire Engine. Sit on Santa's lap at the Royal Theater. View and bid on the Silent Auction items in the Annex of the Royal Theater. More questions, please call the Chamber office.

Christmas Luncheon
December 7, 2016
Time: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Location: Eldon Community Center


5 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving Dinner

Holidays usually mean family, tasty meals, and spending time together. Your trusted real estate agent in Eldon, Missouri knows how costly it can be to host a holiday dinner. Even if your guests bring side dishes, the food and paper goods needed to can quickly add up. With a number of family members in your home throughout the holiday weekend, you want your space to be welcoming and decorated nicely.  Devine & Associates have provided a few ideas to decorate your home for the upcoming holiday, without breaking the bank.

 1. Light Candles
If you already have candles on hand, light candles around your home before your guests arrive. A flickering light creates a warm, inviting space. If you are worried about a fire hazard, consider fake candles that give off the same flickering effect as a traditional candle.

2. Add Pumpkins
Whether you have uncut pumpkins on hand from Halloween or need to purchase a few, pumpkins are a festive item to bring into your home this Thanksgiving. The orange…

5 Major Benefits of a Home Renovation: Bathroom Edition

One of the first spaces a homeowner looks to renovate is the bathroom. Whether you are remodeling to sell or want improve the comfort in your home, a bathroom is a great place to upgrade in your home. There are a number of benefits to renovating a bathroom before selling a home in Eldon, Missouri. For a clean and upgraded feel, a bathroom renovation can help you add value to your home. Devine & Associates have provided some benefits of executing a bathroom remodel in your home.

1) Add Space
If you are renovating an exiting bathroom or creating a bathroom addition, you can design it to add space to your floorplan. Whether you choose a large vanity with optimum storage opportunity or add built in shelving to your bathroom, added storage space is always a plus! When renovating a space, you can also add a storage closet inside the bathroom for linens and other products.

2) More Energy Efficient
Incorporating energy efficient features into your bathroom can help you save on your water …

Should I Purchase a Home Warranty?

If you are in the process of buying a home, you may be deciding whether or not you are going to purchase a home warranty. Some homes come with a one-year home warranty as an incentive offered by the home seller. Your trusted real estate agents in Eldon, Missouri are here to give you a little more information about a home warranty and what protection it can offer. If you are looking to buy a home near Eldon, MO, this information provided below may help you make a decision if a home warranty is right for your situation.

What is a Home Warranty?
A home warranty can help protect from a major loss when it comes to home systems and/or appliances in your home. If you do experience a system or appliance failure and you have a home warranty, the company will likely help pay for a repair or even replacement, depending on the company and the level of protection you have purchased for your home. Be sure to compare the different coverage options if you are interested in purchasing a home warranty.


Top 10 Tips For Home Buyers

The purchase of a home is one of the biggest decisions you will likely make in a lifetime. Whether this is your first time buying a house or you have experience in the purchase of a home, these tips may come in handy as you navigate the real estate market. Your trusted team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO want to help you through the home buying process. Devine & Associates have provided some tips for home buyers of all experience levels.

Tip #1: Don’t Worry About Market Timing
Trying to anticipate the housing market is a hard task. Timing exactly when the market is going to offer the best conditions for you to buy a house can lead you to miss out on a great home. The best time to make a purchase of a house, is when you are ready.

Tip #2: Keep Emotions in Check
When looking at different homes, you may start to get attached to a house. Try to keep your emotions out of the home buying process, that way you do not end up paying more than a home is actually worth. Sometimes a poten…

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Trick-Or-Treaters

Since the spooky season is right around the corner, it is time to prepare your home for the trick-or-treaters in your area. Whether you live in a home or an apartment, you can create a welcoming space for kids of all ages this Halloween. Your trusted real estate agents in Eldon, MO want to help you prepare for your young guests as they go door to door. Make your house stand out as a great place to trick-or-treat with these tips provided by Devine & Associates.
1. Decorate Your Porch
Create a welcoming environment for the kiddos as they walk up to your door. Whether you wish to keep it light hearted with some pumpkins or incorporate spooky d├ęcor for a darker feel. Decorating your porch or front steps can help attract trick-or-treaters to your door, as well help get the kids into the holiday spirit.
2. Light Up the Door
An important factor in showing trick-or-treaters that you are open for business, is turning your porch light on. If your light is not very bright, you may want to …

Preparing Your Home To Sell: 5 Easy Staging Tips

When your home is for sale, you want to highlight features that will appeal to a large number of potential buyers on the market. Staging your space to sell should not be a difficult or expensive task. You are simply preparing your home to be seen by buyers who are searching for a home to purchase. If you are planning to sell your home at the Lake of the Ozarks, below are some helpful staging tips provided by Devine & Associates.

1. Clean, Clean, Clean
When your home is for sale, ensure your space is show-ready at all times. Sticking to a regular cleaning schedule will help you avoid a frantic cleaning session the night before a showing. Remove clutter from your living room and try to avoid stacking up mail on the kitchen counter. The bathroom is used a number of times on a daily basis, ensure the space is clutter free and wipe down surfaces frequently for a lasting shine. Remember to focus on your flooring when cleaning your home. Whether you need to vacuum your carpet or dust mo…

Fall Activities at the Lake of the Ozarks this Weekend!

According to the forecast, the weather this weekend is going to be beautiful! This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of outdoor fall activities. From festivals to paloozas, there are a number of events taking place over the weekend. You trusted real estate agents in Eldon,MO encourage you to get out there and enjoy some of the great fall activities, while the weather is ideal. Provided below, by Devine & Associates, are some of the area events taking place over the weekend.
Apple Butter Days & Fall Festival
Located at the Camden County Museum, the Apple Butter Days and Fall Festival is filled with a number of goodies. The event takes place October 14th & 15th from 9:00 am. through 4:00 pm. From crafts to a wide range of delicious food, the event is perfect for a family to enjoy. Admission to the Fall Festival in Linn Creek, MO is free. With a variety of craft and food venders, the Apple Butter Days & Fall Festival will be a hit.
Howl-O-Ween Festival
On Saturd…