Preparing Your Home To Sell: 5 Easy Staging Tips

When your home is for sale, you want to highlight features that will appeal to a large number of potential buyers on the market. Staging your space to sell should not be a difficult or expensive task. You are simply preparing your home to be seen by buyers who are searching for a home to purchase. If you are planning to sell your home at the Lake of the Ozarks, below are some helpful staging tips provided by Devine & Associates.

1. Clean, Clean, Clean

When your home is for sale, ensure your space is show-ready at all times. Sticking to a regular cleaning schedule will help you avoid a frantic cleaning session the night before a showing. Remove clutter from your living room and try to avoid stacking up mail on the kitchen counter. The bathroom is used a number of times on a daily basis, ensure the space is clutter free and wipe down surfaces frequently for a lasting shine. Remember to focus on your flooring when cleaning your home. Whether you need to vacuum your carpet or dust mop your hardwood, flooring is a major selling point for potential buyers who enter your home.

2. Remove Personal Items

Get a head start on the packing process by putting your personal belongings and family pictures in boxes. You want a buyer to be able to envision themselves living in your home, which can be difficult if your children’s pictures adorn the walls. Try to pack away any religious or controversial items as well. You do not want a buyer to get a bad vibe in your home because of your memorabilia or d├ęcor items rub him or her the wrong way.  

3. Organize Storage Space

Potential buyers who are looking around your home will likely look in your cabinets, closets, and storage areas. Ensure your space behind closed doors is neatly organized. Clutter in storage space can be distracting, and often lead the buyer to believe there is not adequate space available in the home. Keep your kitchen cabinets neat and pantry organized, showcasing the storage opportunities available inside the house.

4. Clear Counter Tops

This is one of the easiest staging tips you can accomplish. Keep your counter tops clear of clutter and wiped off at all times, when your home is for sale. It can be easy to let items build up, especially in a high traffic area, like the kitchen. If you build the task of cleaning off counters into your daily routine, an overwhelming pile should be easily avoided when you get the phone call that your home will be shown.

5. Give a Spare Room Purpose

Whether you stage your extra room as a guest bedroom or an at-home office, give the room a purpose. A potential buyer can be distracted by a room that does not have a clear purpose in the home. Simply adding a bed or desk to a room can transform it, and give it a purpose.

If you are in the market to sell your house near Eldon, MO, these staging tips are an easy way to prepare your home for buyers to see. The purpose of staging is to enhance your home, for the best chance of selling it successfully. Contact the best real estate agents in Eldon, MO for more staging tips, if you are preparing to sell your house. Call (573) 392-9900 if you want to list your house for sale with a professional team of real estate agents. 

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