National Kitchen & Bath Month is Upon Us!

Did you know that October is National Kitchen and Bath Month? This is a great time to focus your efforts in these two spaces in your home. Staging your house when selling is an important way to showcase your space and features within your space, that will appeal to many buyers. A seller will often want to cater their staging efforts toward potential buyers in the area. A professional realtor at the Lake of the Ozarks can help with your staging efforts. Provided below, by your trusted real estate agents in Eldon,MO, are some staging tips for both your kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen Staging

1. Clean Windows-

Not only does a window allow natural light in, many potential buyers will pay attention to the view out of your kitchen, which leads them to looking at your windows. Ensure your window panes are free of smears or dirt when your home is for sale.

2. Organize Cabinets-

A potential buyer will likely look inside your cabinets and pantry area. Ensure they are clutter free and arranged in an organized fashion. If these spaces are packed full, it may lead the buyer to believe the home is lacking adequate storage space in the kitchen.

3. Clear Off Counter-

Removing clutter from your kitchen cabinet tops is a simple task, but will help your area appear cleaner and more organized. A visually appealing kitchen can be a major selling point for many potential buyers on the market.

4. Add New Hand Towels-

You will want to remove your dirty, used kitchen towels when showing your home. A new hand towel is a minor investment that can help add a touch of color and interest to your space.

5. Incorporate Natural Elements-

Bring in a touch of the outdoors when staging your home to sell. A vase of fresh flowers can add a clean look and pleasant scent to your kitchen space.

Bathroom Staging

1. Clean, Clean, Clean-

Nothing is more off-putting to a potential buyer than a dirty bathroom. This room is an easy space to let slide, since it is used every day. Ensure you pick up after yourself and wipe off counter tops after using it. Clean your bathroom on a regular basis, especially when it is for sale. A sparkling clean bathroom can entice a buyer when they are looking to make a purchase.

2. Create a Spa Environment-

A bathroom should feel spa-like, especially when you are trying to sell your home. Incorporate luxury towels to your staging efforts in the bathroom. Your goal is to help potential buyers envision themselves relaxing and unwinding in the bathroom space.

3. Maximize Storage-

Bathroom storage is a major selling point for potential buyers on the market. Organize your storage space in this room, to help showcase the storage options in your space. Consider adding attractive storage containers to your organization efforts when selling your home.

4. Remove Clutter-

Just like the kitchen, bathroom clutter can be distracting to many buyers looking to purchase your home. Clear off the countertop to allow those looking at your space to see the full potential the bathroom has to offer.

5. Make Minor Upgrades-

Minor, inexpensive upgrades can help your bathroom feel upscale and new. Upgrading the cabinet handles and draw pulls on your vanity is a simple way to update the entire look of your bathroom. Consider adding a new light fixture, if your current light is outdated. If you have a unique wall color in the bathroom, consider painting it a more neutral tone to appeal to a wider range of buyers.

Staging your kitchen and bathroom can help it appeal to a larger number of potential buyers. Your local real estate agent can help you with the staging efforts as you list your home for sale at the Lake of the Ozarks. We have the experience and knowledge of the market to help you improve your staging efforts. Contact Devine & Associates today, if you are in the market to sell your home.

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