🍁Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Sell🍁

Are you thinking about selling your home near Eldon, MO? Now is the PERFECT time to do so! You may be wondering why... our team of Eldon, MO real estate agents have picked a few of the top reasons to share with you. From cooler temps for moving to housing demands, there are many reasons to list your home for sale in mid-Missouri. Take a look below to learn why!

Serious Buyers

There are a number of serious buyers on the market. With the housing supply down, there are more buyers than available properties. This creates the perfect opportunity to sell your home quickly. If more than one buyer is interested in your space, you may have a bidding war on your property - which is great news for a seller!

Complete the Transaction before Winter

If you want to get settled into your new space before the cold of winter hits, now's a great time to sell! If your property goes quickly, you can be into your new home before winter hits. It's much more pleasant to move during the mild fall temperatures than the freezing winter or scorching summer. List your home for sale right away if you want to be moved in and settled before winter!

Provide a New Space for your Family

If your family needs a different space or a change of scenery, now's the perfect time to sell. Whether you are outgrowing your space or the kids have moved out and you have too much home to take care of, we can help you find your next space. Finding the right size of a home is important for optimum comfort. Start making new memories in your new space this fall!

Price of Loans Go Up

Many mortgage professionals expect loan rates to go up. This may make it more expensive for a homebuyer to borrow money for a home. If a buyer knows this information, they are likely itching to get their loan secured and current rates locked it. It's also a great opportunity for you - the seller - to get your new home loan squared away as you find your new space.

Now that you know why this is a great time to sell your home in Eldon, MO, you're ready to take action. Contact our experienced real estate agents in Eldon, MO to get started. We can help walk you through the home selling process. From preparing your space before listing to marketing your home to helping with negotiations, Devine & Associates can help you through the entire transaction. We look forward to helping you sell your home and assist in finding the next perfect space for you and your family!

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