Fall Maintenance Checklist For Your Home

It's finally starting to feel like fall and now's the perfect time to make some updates around your home. As a homeowner in mid-Missouri, it's important to maintain your investment. If you're thinking about selling your home near Eldon, MO in the future, invest some time into your space on a regular basis. This can help ensure your property is in tip-top shape for potential buyers, once you decide to list your Eldon, MO home for sale. Below you can find a few items you can check off your list this beautiful fall weekend!

Rake Leaves

As the leaves turn colors and start to fall off the trees, they start to litter your yard. Keep up with falling leaves on a regular basis to avoid a big pile up and even bigger clean up toward the end of fall! Sticking with a regular leaf clean up can make it much easier to take on the large amount of leaves that will fall off the limbs.

Trim Shrubs

It's the ideal time of year to trim back your shrubs and trees around your home. This can help your shrubs grow better come spring and lowers the amount of broken twigs around your yard this fall and winter. Get those trimmers out and start pruning around your home.

Clean Gutters

Gutters help to properly drain rain water as it runs off your home. A clogged gutter defeats the draining purpose. Ensure your gutters are cleaned as nuts and leaves fall off trees around your home. This can help to keep water properly draining and away from your home, which is important during the fall and coming winter months.

Level Walkways

As you prepare your home for the impending winter months, be sure your walkways are clear and level. This can help when it comes time to scoop snow later this year. It can also reduce the chance of a tripping hazard for your family and friends as they visit your home.

Power Wash Exterior

From your siding to your decks, it's important to keep debris and mildew build up off of your home. Clean up your exterior space by power washing mold and other debris that forms on your walls and decks throughout the spring and summer months.

Seal Openings

Before the cold of winter sets in, be sure to seal up any openings around your home. These spaces around doors, windows, and other openings are the perfect place for bugs and other little critters to enter your warm and cozy home. To avoid being the new home for unwelcome guests, seal up any openings.

Now that you know some of the ways to improve your space, you're ready to make improvements around your home. It's important to maintain your property on a regular basis to keep your tasks in check and help improve the value of your home. As your team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO, we know how vital it is to keep your home well maintained. You'll be less likely to be overwhelmed with a long to-do list once you decide to sell!

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