Solid Tips to Prep Your Home for Thanksgiving Guests

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now's the time to start preparing your home for Thanksgiving guests. As a homeowner near Eldon, MO, one of the exciting things you get to do is have people over for the holidays. As you start to prep your space for holiday guests, take a look below for some easy ideas on how to best prepare!

Dinner Guests

Decorate Your Table
Get your table into the holiday spirit with a few easy decor tips. You can add a table runner and beautiful centerpiece to tie in the holiday. Consider a low centerpiece to allow everyone at the table to be able to see each other and easily communicate.

Shop Ahead
Plan your shopping trip ahead of time. For the big stuff that will keep, consider going to the store well in advance to avoid the holiday rush. Also, ensure your list is complete to help from having to run at the last minute and leave your guests behind. Plan out your shopping list ahead and make sure you have a completed list before heading to the store.

Create Comfortable Seating
While the meal is important as you plan out your dining arrangements, consider offering a comfortable place for your guests to gather before and after the meal, as well. A festive throw pillow and/or blanket throw is an easy way to give your living room a holiday feel. It's also a warm place for your friends and family to curl up and chat after a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Overnight Guests

Offer a Comfortable Bed
It's best to have a comfortable space for overnight guests to relax. A comfortable bed with cozy blankets is the ideal place. Consider adding extra pillows to your space bed - some people like to use a lot of pillows and it's best to have the option if needed.

Have Extra Toiletries On Hand
In your guest room and bathroom, consider leaving sample size toiletries or having an extra stash on hand. This is extra handy if a guest forgets an important item at home - it happens. This small gesture can make your guest feel more welcome and comfortable in your space.

Make a Delicious Breakfast
While you've been cooking all day preparing for the big meal, it's a great idea to have breakfast plans for your guests. Not everyone eats a big breakfast, but for those who are used to this meal it can be an issue to skip it. Even if it's pastries from the local bakery, it's nice to have some breakfast items on hand to easily access.

Now that you know some of these quick and easy ways to help your holiday guests feel more at home, you're ready to start making changes around your space. As you host your upcoming holiday dinner, you may notice you don't have enough space for all of your friends and family. If you'd like to provide a larger space for your guests next year, contact our Eldon, MO real estate agents. Devine & Associates can help you find the perfect home for all of your wants and needs - entertaining spaces included!

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