Perks of Using an Agent

When it comes to real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks, the market is ever changing. A professional real estate agent deals with these changes on a daily basis. When buying a home or selling a home near Eldon, Missouri, it is best to use a person who is integrated into the real estate market, for the best experience possible. Our team at Devine & Associates is involved and ready to help you find or sell your home!

When Buying:

There are a number of online resources, to aid in your home search. While many are available to the public, there are special searches that only real estate agents can access. For the most in-dept search, when looking for a home to buy, utlize a professional.

Looking for and purchasing a home is time consuming, especially if you try it on your own. An agent is involved with the market on a daily basis, and know many ways to save time, during the process. In addition to time saving techniques, an agent commits time to helping clients search and purchase a home - after all, this is their full-time job!

A lot of people are involved in the real estate process. From lenders to inspectors to title companies, many people will need to be contacted and organized, during the entire process. An agent takes the time to keep all the parts of the transaction moving in the right direction.

When Selling:

A HUGE benefit of using an agent, when selling, is the marketing experience. From listing a home to promoting it through various methods, exposure can help sell a home, quicker. The more potential buyers who see a home, the better. Real estate agents have plenty of experience with marketing homes, and they know what works for each type of property.

Once an interested buyer makes an offer on your property, the negotiations begin. This can be a tricky process. An agent can help keep a level mind, when in the heat of going back and forth on a price. With a long history of negotiations, a real estate agent can help point out methods that work and what the best next move may be, for your unique situation.

When closing on your home, you are signing off on the sale and assigning ownership away from yourself. This can be a very detailed and emotional process. Your agent will be right there with you, ensuring you fully understand all of the paperwork and proceedures that will take place.

Now that you know just a few of the MANY reasons to utilize a professional real estate agent, you are ready to start the process. Whether you are buying a home near Eldon, MO or wanting some advise to prepare your home to sell, our team of agents are here for you! For a pleasant real estate transaction, give Devine & Associates a call at 573-392-9900 today! We look forward to helping you achive your real estate goals!

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