7 Spring Selling Tips!

Spring has sprung - the trees are greening and flowers are blooming, it's a great time to prepare your home to sell. As the real estate market takes off in the spring, get your home ready to sell and take advantage of the influx of potential buyers who are looking! If you're interested in selling a home at the Lake of the Ozarks, take a look at our spring selling tips below.

1. Start Spring Cleaning

Since you will have potential buyers in your home, its imparative for it to be spotless. In addition to your regular cleaning routine, wipe down walls and baseboards for that EXTRA clean. It may be time to deep clean your floors as well. Whether you have carpets, hardwood, or tile, take the time to clean these surfaces - after all, flooring is a MAJOR selling point!

2. Pick Up The Yard

After the spring storms, it's important to pick up any sticks that may be hanging around in your yard. It's also time to start mowing your lawn, the appearance of your home (yard included) from the road may be a make or break, for potential buyers. Consider treating weeds and dandelions, as well.

3. Pack Away Personal Items

Get a head start on packing up your items! Take family pictures and any memorabilia off the walls and shelves. It can be hard for a potential buyer to picture their family in the home, if your kids are staring at them from the living room wall. This is also a great opportunity to pack up those unneeded winter clothes.

4. Brighten Your Entry

With the beautiful colors of spring, it may inspire you to add a fun color to your entry way. From a splash of color on your front door to a colorful vase, there are a number of ways to brighten up your entry.

5. Make Needed Repairs

Picture your home from a buyer's point of view, and go room to room, making a list of repairs that can be done. After you have your list made, decide which ones will help increase the value of your home, and which ones can be left alone. Just keep in mind that a potential buyer may point this item out and try for a lower price, or ask you to repair it anyway.

6. Incorporate Flowers

Flowers are an inexpensive way to add some color to your entire home. From a potted plant in the living room to a vase of fresh flowers in the kitchen, you can bring a little of the outdoors in, for a fresh and colorful feel. Flowers can be added to your exterior as well! Consider incorporating flowers into your landscape or potted along your entry way, to add a touch of color to your curb appeal.

7. Hire Devine & Associates

Our professional real estate agents in Eldon, Missouri can help you sell your home. From making repair recommendations to listing and marketing your property, we know the key to help sell your home! Since we are involved in the market on a daily basis, we know what works and what doesn't. Contact us if you are ready to sell near Eldon, MO.

Now that you have a good idea of how to prepare your home to sell, you are ready to get started. Whether you want a professional opinion of home upgrades that can be made or you're ready to jump right it, contact the best team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO. We look forward to helping make your real estate transaction a success!

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