Candy Barton Named ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!

We are proud to announce one of our very own Realtor® has been named Rookie of the Year for 2016! Congratulations to Candy Barton on winning this prestigious award and representing Devine & Associates in the BEST way! Your team of real estate agents near Eldon, MO are very honored to work with such a dedicated and professional agent! To learn more about Barton and her award, check out the blog below!

Devine & Associates is celebrating Candy Barton's achievement of becoming "Rookie of the Year" for 2016. This prestigious award is issued annually by the Bagnell Dam Association of Realtors for proving an agents diligence involving sales and listing volume, educational accomplishments, professionalism and ethics, participation in Association activities and civic involvement for the first full 12 months in the business. Candy set her goals and achieved them in just 8 short months. She received the award on March 15, 2017 at the Annual Awards Recognition and General Membership Meeting.

Candy has a positive attitude and continues to impress her clients and coworkers with her level of professionalism and standard of ethics. She sets the bar high in this very competitive field. It is not just about the sale with Candy. It is about doing the job well and having the knowledge and patience it takes to get the job done. Every transaction is approached with the needs and concerns of the people and families at the forefront, not only for her own clients, but for the other agents and their clients as well.

Her clients and peers feel that even in the most stressful situations, she makes others feel represented, comfortable and confident. Her ability to work well with other professionals, solving problems as they arise, and making it look easy is very impressive.

Candy is not one to be at the center of public attention, and community involvement is very important to her. She continuously works behind the scenes to promote programs and resources that improve quality of life for those in her community and across the state. She is a mover and a shaker who can make things happen for the causes she supports. She is a no-nonsense, take charge individual with a passion for knowledge and is continually educating herself. She surrounds herself with those who have experience and are the experts in their respective fields.

When it comes to Candy's background in business and public relations, it's no wonder she has proven to be an asset not only to the local board, but will go on, and prove to be an asset to the industry on the state and national levels as well.

In applying for the award, Barton said her career goals in real estate are to continue to promote education to the public, as well as promote legislation locally and nationally to ensure that all persons have equal opportunity to pursue the American dream of home ownership. Devine & Associates is proud to announce Candy Barton, 2016's 'Rookie of the Year'.

We are so proud of Candy and her much deserved recognition! 

Congratulations from your Devine & Associates team!

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