Home Upgrades that Pay Off

Thinking about selling your home near the Lake of the Ozarks? You may be contemplating making upgrades to your space. Most buyers like to see upgrades completed, because they can see the finished product, and not have to worry about doing the work themselves. If you want to get your home ready to sell and want to get the most bang for your buck, check out the points below, provided by the best real estate agents in Eldon, MO!

Beef Up Your Landscape

The landscape is typically the first thing a potential buyer notices about a home. It's important to make a great first impression, with your lawn and landscape. Ensure your yard is mowed and picked up, as well as fresh mulch placed in the landscape. If your home doesn't have a landscape to being with, it can be a great spring project to complete. Add a nice stone pathway to your front door or mark off the area surrounding the front of your home with stone and add plants, pots, and rock or mulch to top it off.

Add a Coat of Fresh Paint

New paint adds a crisp and clean appearance to your home. This can allow buyers to see your home for what it's worth, instead of worrying about the marks and scuffs around the walls. Not only does paint give your home a new appearance, it can also give it a fresh smell. A clean home is an inviting home and fresh paint can help you achieve that!

Build a Deck

Especially in the spring and summer months, a deck the ideal gathering space for homeowners. If you are lacking such space, consider adding a deck onto the back of your home, to increase the value. Perfect for family bbq's or hanging out with friends, a deck is a great addition to your home (and home value!).

Upgrade the Kitchen

While a kitchen upgrade may seem overwhelming - you have plenty of options. Painting your existing cabinets can be an inexpensive way to give your space a new feel and look. For an even more thrifty upgrade, consider adding new draw pulls and handles to your kitchen cabinets. If you're appliances are out-of-date, that is a great opportunity to add new, trendy appliances to your space - immediate boosting your home's value.

Install New Windows

New windows are a great way to update your home. From energy efficiency to ascetic appeal, home buyers LOVE new windows! They see it as a perk because it can help keep the home well-insulated, as well as easy to function.

Remodel the Bathroom

While a bathroom remodel can seem a bit daunting, it's usually the smallest room in the home to make an upgrade to. Whether you want to add tile flooring or change out the older style vanity, you can decide whether you update a few items or the entire room. A newly-remodeled bathroom gives off the impression of a clean and inviting space!

Finish Bare Spaces

If you have an unfinished basement, consider finishing that space, before listing your home for sale. This can increase the usable square footage of your home, and even create additional rooms. From a family room / game room to additional bedroom space, finishing a basement has a ton of perks, for the value of your home!

Are you ready to start tackling some of these projects that tend to pay off, when selling a home near Eldon, Missouri? If so, we'd love to help! We can take a look at your property and help make suggestions on upgrades that will benefit you, in the long run. Give Devine & Associates a call at 573-392-9900 if you're ready to list your home for sale at the Lake of the Ozarks! We look forward to helping you reach your real estate goals.

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