Decorating Tips for Selling Your Home this Spring

Springtime is the perfect time to sell your Lake of the Ozarks home.  If you are thinking about putting your home on the market near Eldon, MO, you may know that staging your home is an excellent way to attract buyers.  Since April is Decorating Month, the real estate experts at Devine & Associates have come up with some decorating tips to help make staging easier for you and to hopefully help you sell your home more quickly!

1. Exterior Decorating is Important

Buyers will not want to view the interior of your home if they are not attracted to the exterior.  There are some easy exterior upgrades you can do to attract buyers.  Upgrading your front door so it’s clean, secure, and has matching hardware is one way to improve your curb appeal.  Even adding a touch of color by painting your door and shutters a new shade can oftentimes help your home stand out from the rest.  Make sure your house numbers are large and visible so that potential buyers can see what house they are viewing.

2. Tuck Away Photos

Buyers who are viewing your home want to envision it as their own space, so personal touches like family photos can ruin that effect for them.  Putting photos, personal artwork, and other personal décor away will help the potential buyer view the house as their own.  Also, it is recommended that you take your pets with you or board your pets when your house will be shown.

3.  Make Your Color Palette More Neutral

A neutral color tone goes with most decor styles. Beige is not the only neutral, either.  Grey tones can help your home look clean and appealing.  Beige and grey tones tend to appeal to the widest range of buyers.  If you do want to have a pop of color, use it as an accent in throw pillows, paintings, and on other small decorative items.

4. Keep Your Style Cohesive

While you don’t have to stick to one particular decorative style throughout the entire home, try to avoid extreme differences in styles from room to room.  Keeping the decorative look flowing throughout the house is appealing and can even make your home appear larger.

5. Let in the Light

In terms of showing a home, the lighting is just as important as the furniture.  Natural light can help create a fresh and positive environment. Sheer curtains can help to allow natural light to illuminate your space. Consider the benefits of sunlight as you choose your window decor this spring – just make sure your windows are clean and shiny!

6. Cut Down on Furniture

Lots of furniture detracts from how big your home actually is.  Potential buyers may see your space as cluttered as opposed to lived-in.  Consider putting the majority of your furniture in storage while your home is on the market, and only leaving out a few key pieces to show off the entire room.  Using a furniture piece as a statement in a room is also an option.  If the rest of your sitting room is neutral, that brightly-colored chair you love just might tie the room together.

7. Make Your Space Appear Larger

Hang long curtains higher than the actual window to draw the eye up and create the illusion of higher ceilings.  Add a mirror or two to create depth in your home.  A mirror reflects back into the room, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Since it's Decorating Month, we think it's the perfect time for you to step up your home decor game. If you plan to sell your home at the Lake of the Ozarks soon, you can use this opportunity to start staging your space for prospective buyers. When you are ready to list your home for sale, give Devine & Associates a call. We can help you get your home ready to list and market it to the right buyers.

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