Decorating a Small Home for Maximum Buying Potential

A small space can be tricky to decorate without seeming too cluttered.  Even trickier is staging a small space to appeal to potential buyers.  As your Eldon, MO real estate agents, we pride ourselves on working with all type of home buyers.  If you own a cozy home, and are thinking about selling your home this spring, there are some decorating tips that can help your space FEEL bigger than it is. Take a look below for some quick tips to maximize your smaller space.

Although the housing trend is leaning toward small homes these days, buyers still want the features found in larger homes.   They want the feeling of living in a larger home, but the smaller layout and smaller price tag that often accompany a cozy home.  The key to a smaller space is to optimize the storage space and decorate in ways that make your space FEEL bigger than it is.

Staging Your Small House to Make It Look Big

There are a few key elements to maximizing the feeling of space in a home that may not have that much in terms of square footage.  The most common mistakes that are often made when decorating a small home are usually the easiest to fix.  Dark wall colors, oversized furniture, and general clutter all contribute to the feeling of being cramped in a smaller home.  By changing just a few simple décor items, and organizing your space, you will be ready to sell your Mid-Missouri home.

Lighting is Key

Some of the most common decor mistakes seen in small houses involve color schemes and lighting— both of which can make small rooms feel even smaller.  Keep your wall colors neutral.  This will soften the look of the home and make it feel more open.  Try to keep the same color scheme incorporated throughout the home, as this creates clean lines and the illusion of space.  Utilize natural lighting by keeping window shades open.  Consider sheer drapes to allow optimal light into your space.

Create the Illusion of More Space

Common tricks to enhance the look of more space in your home include hanging window treatments higher to make ceilings appear taller, and strategically placing mirrors or tall lamps in corners.  Mirrors add depth to a room, making the room appear larger on a horizontal level, while hanging curtains higher and using the entire wall for décor make your ceilings appear taller.  Storage can also be utilized to its fullest by being floor-to-ceiling.  Consider purchasing storage solutions like cabinets, armoires, and bookshelves that extend all the way to the ceiling line.  This not only maximizes storage potential, but it also continues to create the look of high ceilings and more space.

Consider Furniture Placement & Furniture Type

Cluttered rooms with oversized pieces won’t work when trying to sell a small home.  The last thing you’ll want is frustrated buyers attempting to navigate tight spaces.  Consider investing in only a few key pieces of furniture for each room, and selling or storing the rest.  Streamlined, smaller furniture will go better in a cozy space, and will help pull together a room without overwhelming it.  It is also important to think about your space as you place your furniture. Try to avoid shoving all of your furniture against the walls. This may seem like a good way to make the most of your space, but it can actually make a room feel smaller. Consider leaving a small coffee table, an interesting chair, or another furniture piece away from the wall to draw attention out into the room.

Consider Space Friendly Furniture & Furniture That Incorporates Storage

When staging your smaller home, the placement of furniture, as well as the amount of furniture, in each room, is significant.  However, don’t forget to think about storage!  Consider purchasing smart furnishings that allow for maximum space and storage (i.e. lofted beds, ottomans with storage built in, or furniture with shelving built in).  Maximize your space by keeping it organized and clutter-free, while also keeping your streamlined look with furniture pieces that perform double duty as storage spaces.

Think Up & Down for Creative Storage Spaces

Oftentimes, key storage spaces are not fully taken advantage of.  Think up and down when organizing your space.  As mentioned before, utilize key storage pieces that go from floor to ceiling.  Also, consider more creative storage spaces.  For example, placing a shelf over a doorway is a great way to store books or decorative items without cluttering up your space.  And don’t forget to look down!  Utilize “toe-kick” storage spaces for maximum organization potential.  The space under your kitchen cabinets is a treasure trove of storage possibilities. Consider putting items such as placemats, napkins, cookie sheets, and how-to manuals there. You can hire a cabinet-maker to install this type of storage, or if you are really handy, think about a DIY weekend project to up your kitchen storage potential.

Final Checklist for Staging Your Small House
  • Declutter rooms and keep furniture to a minimum.
  • Use sleek, streamlined, furniture, and place it appropriately throughout the home.
  • Paint walls a light neutral color and let in as much natural light as possible.
  • Remove dark wall art and replace dark curtains with sheer curtain panels.
  • Hang curtains high and add mirrors to create the illusion of more space.
  • Get creative with your storage solutions – maximize your use of storage space, and consider furniture pieces that double as storage solutions.

Now that you know these helpful tips to make your small space feel bigger, you're ready to start decorating to maximize your space.  If you have completed your space maximization and feel you are ready to sell your home near Eldon, MO, we've got you covered!  We can help you get your house on the market and staged for a spring showing.  Give Devine & Associates a call today to get started!

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