Items to Tuck Away During Your Next Home Showing

Deciding to sell your home in mid-Missouri is a big decision. Once you've made the decision, you're likely anxious to get your property sold. Staging your home can have a big impact on the way potential buyers feel about your home. As your experienced team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO, we know a few things about preparing homes to sell. Take a look below for some quick tips of items you should pack away before you have a showing of your property.

Bring Your Pets With You

We know that you love your furry friend, but the people looking to buy your home may not be a big fan of pets. It's best to remove your animals from your home when a showing is scheduled. A pet may become protective if a stranger is looking at your space without you being home. You never know how your pets may react, so it's best to keep them away from this potentially stressful situation.

Pack Up Family Photos

As you plan to sell your home, it can be beneficial to pack away your family photos. You want potential buyers to feel comfortable in your space and allow themselves to imagine their family in the home. If your families' faces are staring back at them on the walls, it may be hard to imagine this as their house. You also don't want to distract buyers who are trying to figure out who is in your pictures when they should be checking out your space.

Conceal Signs of a Low-Efficiency Home

If you have a space heater in every room, it may give off the impression that your home is very cold in the winter months. If portable fans are scattered throughout your home, it may show buyers that your home is too warm. Try to stow away portable heat or air sources to help prevent scaring off buyers thinking your home is not efficient.

Tuck Away Religious Memorabilia

Not everyone has the same religious views and you don't want to offend potential buyers with your home decor if it features religious items. Think about what may be offensive to someone else and try to remove those things. A buyer may get a bad vibe from an item in a home and write the entire property off based on one item. Don't let your home sale be jeopardized because of a simple religious item that could easily be removed from your space.

File Away Personal Paperwork

While the majority of buyers are actually interested in your home, it's best to keep personal paperwork stowed away in a safe spot. From your billing address to personal information about your entire family, try to protect vital information as buyers tour your home.

Now that you know a few of the items you should keep tucked away during a home showing, you're ready to get those items packed away. Think of it as getting a head start on packing up your possessions! Here at Devine & Associates, we offer a number of tips to our clients. Whether you're buying a home near Eldon, MO or selling, our team is here to help you through the entire real estate process!

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