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As the bitter cold temperatures hit mid-Missouri, you may be worried about your next energy bill. The winter months are typically higher than other times of the year but there are ways you can help reduce your energy consumption. Our experienced team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO are here to help! We like to provide our clients with tips on how to reduce their energy usage this time of year! Take a look below to learn some ways you can help lower the amount of energy your home is using.

Reduce Heat Slightly

If you and your family can handle it, turn your heat down a few degrees this winter. While a few degrees may not seem like a lot, the impact it will make on your electric bill will be beneficial.

Fill Appliances 

When you do choose to run your appliances, make sure they are completely full. From the dishwasher to the washing machine, ensure you run full loads. This can help you get more accomplished with the same amount of energy.

Replace Air Filter

On your heating and cooling system, ensure your air filter is replaced regularly. A fresh filter can help reduce the amount of work the system has to do to keep your home warm this winter.

Utilize Fireplace

If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove in your home, take advantage of this heat source. A fireplace can heat an entire room, if not add heat throughout your entire home, during the winter months.

Seal Air Leaks

Check your windows and doors for air leaks. Many times these openings need to be sealed or caulked to keep the cold air out and the warm air inside your home, this winter. This is a fairly inexpensive fix and will make a big difference in the temperature of your house.

Close Off Rooms

Unused or unoccupied rooms in your home can be “closed off” for the winter months. You can close the register in the room and shut the door. This helps to keep the heat in the rooms you want, like to kitchen, living room, and occupied bedrooms. Keeping these rooms isolated helps to keep your heating system from heating the entire house and only heats the rooms you want it to.

Reduce Shower Time

To save on your water usage this winter, try to shorten the time spent in the shower. The water heater works hard to heat up water, especially during the winter months. Help make those efforts last by reducing showering time.

Add Insulation

Additional insulation can be added to your attic to keep the heat where it belongs, inside your home. Either roll or blow-in insulation improves the level of insulation, keeping your heating bill at bay during the winter months.

Bundle Up

To help combat the lower temperature inside your home, try to bundle up this winter. Wearing a sweatshirt or jacket inside allows you to turn the heat down.

Now that you have these tips up your sleeve, you can start implementing them around your home. A few easy changes on a regular basis can have an impact on your energy bill this winter. Devine & Associates is here to help all of the homeowners near Eldon, MO! We pride ourselves on offering advice even after buyers have completed their transactions!

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