5 Ways to Make Moving Day a Breeze

The words "easy" and "moving" are typically not found in the same sentence. For many people, moving is a dreaded task, but it doesn't have to be. Don't be stressed out about your upcoming move. Whether you're moving across town or relocating to the Lake of the Ozarks, it can help to be prepared to make moving easy. The best team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO are here with tips to make your moving day a breeze. Take a look below for some tips to make your move that much easier.

1) Keep It Organized

Organization is key when packing all of your belongings and relocating to a new home. Start early and pack items that you do not use very often. This is also a good chance to go through your items and get rid of the one's you don't need anymore. When you do start putting your belongings in boxes, make sure items from the same room are in the same box and label them accordingly. This can help keep your boxes organized and reduce the need to move them all over the house before completely unpacking a box.

2) Convenience Is Easy

Find ways to make packing easy. Instead of emptying your dresser drawers into boxes or bags, consider leaving the contents where it is. Drawers can be wrapped to ensure they do not open during the move. Once you can to your new place, that's one extra step that you won't have to take. When it comes to hanging clothes, leave them on the hangers. You can place a handful of hanging items in a trash sack to help protect them from getting dirty during transport. Utilize any drawer organizers in the bathroom and kitchen to move your items in, as well.

3) Small Boxes are Better

Especially for heavier objects, stick with a small box when packing up your home. A large box can become too heavy to move quickly. Try to keep books and other heavy items smaller boxes. This can help reduce your chance of getting injured straining with boxes before or during your move.

4) Keep Important Items Separate

Have a designated box or tote set aside for important items that you will need access to right away. From cleaning supplies to clothing to paperwork, it's best to have these items handy when moving. Leave this box for last, when loading and always know exactly where this important box is, in case you need it right away.

5) Recruit Help Ahead of Time

Before moving day, get your movers lined up. Whether you're hiring a company to move or recruiting friends and family for the big day, ensure you have plenty of hands ready to help! Helpful Hint: If you are utilizing friends and family, provide food and drinks for them to enjoy throughout the day to let them know they ARE appreciated!

Now that you've hopefully read about some easy ways to prepare for your big move, you're ready to get started. Whether you've already found your dream home at the Lake of the Ozarks or you are just starting to look for Lake of the Ozarks homes for sale, keep this list handy as you prepare. Here at Devine & Associates, we want to help you make moving as stress-free as possible -it's all in the preparation.

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