Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a Successful Open House

An open house can gain a TON of exposure for your property. With easy access and an open door, this is the ideal way for potential home buyers to view what your space has to offer. If you are interested in selling your home at the Lake of the Ozarks, an open house may be the way to go. As your trusted real estate agents in Eldon, MO, we'd like to share some helpful insight into ways to prepare for your next open house.

Share, Share, Share

A great way to gain exposure for your upcoming open house is to share your listing online. Promote the open house in a number of ways. From featuring it on your social media to telling friends and family about the event, there are many ways to bring attention to your open house event.

Draw Attention to Your Home

Make your property easy to find with clear signage and directions in your advertisements. Open house signs with arrows are very helpful for anyone who is unfamiliar with the area. This can help send the subliminal message that they should follow the signs! Flying balloons at the end of your street or on your mailbox by the road is another great way to draw potential buyers to your space.

Create an Open Feel Within

Getting buyers to your open house event is the first step - it's also important to focus on the inside of your home. Consider placing sheer curtains over the windows to create a light and airy feel. This can help your home feel larger and more open.

Ensure Your Space is Spic and Span

While it's always important ot keep your home clean while it is for sale, put a little extra effort into the cleanliness of your space when hosting an open house. Remove all the clutter from your space and any pets and animals that live with you. Also try to stow away any person family pictures or items to allow potential buyers to focus on the home itself.

Provide Tasty Treats

A fresh glass of lemonade and cookies are a great way to make a space smell and feel like home. Create a warm and inviting feel by providing a few treats for your guests to enjoy. Many people remember how a place made them feel and this is a important factor when appealing to potential home buyers.

Listen to Prospects

As people look through your space, pay attention to their feedback. This can give you a great idea of what real buyers are looking for in a home. After your open house, you can always continue to make updates to appeal to those actively looking on the market.

Even if you aren't ready to list your home on the market today, keep these tips in mind for when the day does come. If your Lake of the Ozarks real estate agent wants to provide an open house to showcase your property to a number of buyers, you will be ready. To get your home on the market quickly and to capture the attention of potential buyers, contact Devine & Associates today! We look forward to showcasing your space and helping you complete the sale of your home.

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