Create a Cozy Living Room When Selling

Staging is a very important part of the home selling process. Some people think staging is a waste of time, but it has been proven to create a more welcoming space as potential buyers walk though your home. You want to give off a warm and cozy feel and staging can help you accomplish just that. Your trusted real estate agents in Eldon, MO are here to help you get started. To begin, we'd like to focus on staging your living room - a room in which many families gather and spend time together. If you can catch the attention of buyers with a cozy living space, you can make a lasting impression. See the tips below on how exactly to create an inviting and pleasant family room in your home.

Define Your Space

If your living room is open to the rest of the home, try to create a definite like where the living room begins and ends. This can be accomplished by adding a console table behind a couch, filled with a few pieces of decor. A love seat or couch alone can also help to define the space. Don't forget to arrange your furniture to create a natural flow through the room.

Let In Sun Light

Natural light can provide a number of benefits to a room. From bright and cheery to light and airy, you want to allow natural light to illuminate your space whenever possible. This can be accomplished by hanging sheer curtains over your living room windows. Another way to help brighten a space is to add a few lamps throughout the room.

Incorporate Throw Blankets

What is more cozy than curling up with a comfortable blanket? For an easy way to create a cozy living space, toss a throw over the arm of the couch or on top of an ottoman. This can improve the cozy factor of your living room with little to no effort! Adding a throw can also help to incorporate your room decor - whether you want to add a neutral throw or incorporate a splash of color with this type of blanket.

Keep Your Decor Simple

When staging your living room, it's important to remove any person photos and/or images. This is a great way to get a head start on the packing process! Keep your decor simple to allow potential buyers to see your home, instead of trying to figure out your family tree.

Clean the Area Well

While it's important to keep your entire home clean when it is being sold, focus your efforts on the living space. To create the ideal place for a family to gather, you want to showcase the cleanliness of this space. If the carpet has stains, you can steam clean them to remove unsightly markings. Many buyers will pay extra close attention to the living room - after all it may be the place their kids play on the floor the most.

Add Neutral but Warm Color Tones

A neutral color tone appeals to the widest range of potential buyers. An easy way to give your home a fresh, neutral look is to paint the walls an beige or tan tone of your choice. When selecting colors, think warm tones to give the feel of a cozy space. You can also incorporate similar tones with the throw pillows and/or blankets throughout the room.

Now that you can see the tips for a cozy living room, you're ready to start staging! Creating a welcoming environment can make all the difference when it comes to selling your home at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you'd like more advice about selling, contact the best team of real estate agents near Eldon, Missouri. We'd love to help you get your home ready to list and market it to potential buyers!

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