5 Benefits Of A Home Warranty for Buyers

A home warranty can be very beneficial for someone who is looking to purchase a home at the Lake of the Ozarks. This warranty type helps repair or replace covered appliances and home systems, if they stop working properly. The additional protection that a home warranty offers, can help ease the financial strain if a major appliance or system in a home breaks down. Purchasing a home warranty can help ease your worry about a major repair or replacement expense, when it comes to covered items in your home. The trusted real estate agents in Eldon, MO have compiled a list of benefits a home warranty can offer buyers.

1) Alleviate Budget Strain

Home buyers typically budget out monthly expenses to plan for mortgage, electric, cable, and other payments that may be owed. Additional expenses, like a refrigerator replacement or air-conditioning system repair, can potentially put a homeowner in a tough financial situation. A home warranty can help remove the strain an appliance or home system repair would likely put on an owner's budget.

2) Easy Claim Process

Each home warranty company is a little different, but typically the claim process is simple. A call can be made to report the issue, and the company will then send a technician out to analyses the situation. A homeowner will not have to worry about contacting the claims department, hiring a repair company, and then wait for the reimbursement. The process is fairly easy, usually with one phone call, when it comes to reporting an appliance or home system issue to a home warranty company.

3) Receive Replacement If Beyond Repair

Most companies that offer home warranty protection will try to repair an issue that arises. If a repair will not suffice, they will then replace the broken home system element or appliance. There are different levels of coverage, but even the most basic options usually cover replacement, if a repair cannot be made to resolve the problem. 

4) Provides Ongoing Protection

A yearly home warranty plan can be renewed after the first year, to extend the protection of the homeowner’s appliances and home systems. This ongoing protection can help reduce the worry of a repair or replacement cost, after the first year of coverage expires.

5) Reduce Worry of Homeownership

Homeowners can have a lot of worries when it comes to their house. A home warranty can help ensure that a major appliance or home system expense will be not be left solely for the owner to pay. This added protection can help eliminate some of the worry of buying and owning a home.

Many times a home warranty can be negotiated when purchasing a house. This helps a buyer feel confident in the home and appliances they are purchasing in the transaction. Buying a home can, at times, be a scary process. Purchasing, or negotiating, a home warranty can help alleviate some of the worry of homeownership. Your local real estate company, Devine & Associates, can help you negotiate a home warranty when you purchase a home. 

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