7 Staging Mistakes To Avoid When Selling

When listing your home for sale, you may hear the word “staging” quite often. This is the process of getting your home ready for potential buyers to view it. Staging can be helpful for simplifying your space, for less distractions from the actual home for those who are looking at your home to buy. Your experienced real estate agents in Eldon, MO want to help you successfully stage your home by pointing out some common mistakes that are made in this process.

Invest Too Much Money

Often, homeowners spend a big chunk of change in the staging process, which is often a cost that will not be recouped in the sale. Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen right before selling is not always the answer. You may choose colors or materials that do not appeal to all buyers, therefore defeating the purpose. If you do decide to do a remodel, try to stick with neutral colors and textures.

Remove Most Furniture

When it comes to staging furniture in a home for sell, it can be a balancing act. Too much may seem cramped and give off the impression that the space is too small. On the flip side, not enough furniture does not feel lived in, which can turn some buyers off.

Forget to Focus on the Floor

A big stain on the floor can be off-putting to a buyer looking at your home. Remember to have your carpets cleaned before listing your home for sale. Hardwood floors should not be forgotten in the staging process either, if needed, wooden floors should be polished for a “like new” shine.

Leave Behind Personal Items

Although personal pictures and memorabilia help make your house feel like a home, it can be hard for a potential buyer to imagine their family in a space with your family pictures adorning the walls. Get a head start on the moving process and pack away personal belongings for the home staging process.

Fail to Stage Exterior

Many times sellers will go over every detail on the interior of their home, and forget about the outside space. Ensure your lawn and landscape is nicely trimmed before selling your home. If you have an outdoor patio or deck, stage this area as well. Showcasing an entertaining spaces can be a major selling point for buyers.

Neglect to Deep Clean

Be sure to deep clean your home when it is listed on the market. Many times potential buyers will do some digging, while checking over a home they are interested in. A dirty home can deter a buyer from making a purchase.

Stuff Closets Full

Usually a buyer will take a look in the closets when touring a home for sale. If this space is stuffed full and cluttered, it may appear that there is not enough storage space in the home. When picking up your home to get ready to sell, pack away extra items instead of throwing them in a nearby closet or storage area.

The art of staging can be helpful when trying to sell your home. Now that you know some of these common mistakes, you will be able to successfully stage your home when selling. For more staging tips and tricks for selling, contact Devine and Associates. If you are ready to sell at the Lake of the Ozarks, our team would be happy to help you market your home.

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