Moving With Young Kids: 5 Tips Simplify The Process

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming for anyone, but it can be especially tough for young children. Your kids may not be mature enough to understand all your reasons for moving; all they will know for certain is that they have to leave the home they know and move to an unfamiliar house, potentially in an equally unfamiliar city or state. Working to make the process easier on your children can be hugely beneficial for everyone involved. Here are a few tricks you can try, courtesy of your friends at Devine & Associates Real Estate.

5 Tips For Moving With Kids

1. Get Your Little Ones Involved In The Home Search
One of the biggest reasons kids dislike moving is often because they feel helpless. You can help overcome this by bringing your children with you when you tour homes for sale at the Lake of the Ozarks. Kids may find a full day of house shopping to be exhausting, though, so we recommend waiting until you have narrowed your choices down to the top 2-4 properties.

2. Let Your Child Choose How To Decorate His/Her New Room
Kids thrive in stable, constant environments, and moving to an unfamiliar environment can be more stressful on them than we realize. Help them get excited about their new space by letting them choose how they want to decorate their new rooms. This way, they will be more invested in the move and more excited about the change.

3. Hire A Sitter For Moving Day
Anyone who has ever moved before knows that moving day is incredibly hectic. The doors to your home and car will be left open for hours on end as people carry box after box out to the moving van. Little kids can easily get underfoot during the moving process, creating stress for both you and the children. Many families have found that hiring a sitter to watch after the kids on moving day makes the entire process easier on everyone involved.

4. Encourage Your Child Pack A Backpack For The Move
What with all the boxes and different vehicles involved, it's hard to keep track of your belongings during the move. Little kids often grow incredibly attached to certain stuffed animals, blankets, or toys, and they may be reluctant to give them up during the moving process. Let your kids pack a backpack or treasure box with a few essential items to comfort them during the moving process.

5. Keep Snacks On Hand
It's no secret that kids tend to get cranky when they're hungry. When you're moving into a new home, you won't have easy access to a full kitchen with snacks for your little ones. Instead, we recommend packing a cooler and/or snack bag with your kids' favorite healthy treats. When they start complaining about being hungry, you'll be able to settle them with a granola bar, trail mix, or other easy snack. 

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