Moving With Pets - 7 Important Reminders

Moving to a new house in Laurie, Missouri is always a big undertaking - but it becomes an even bigger project when you have children or pets that will be making the move with you. Next week we will focus on how to move with kids, but this week we are here to look specifically at a few tips to help pet owners move to their new homes. We hope you find them useful!

Moving With Pets - 7 Quick Tips

1.  Obtain Veterinary Records
If you are moving to a different city or state, you will probably have to find a new vet. Before you leave, make sure you get access to your pet's prior veterinary records; your new vet will likely need this information in order to properly care for your animal.

2.  Arrange A Sitter For Moving Day
If your first step is to determine which day you will be moving, your second step is to arrange for someone to watch your animals on that day. You don't want to have to worry about your pets getting underfoot or escaping when the doors are propped open. Not only will having a sitter make things easier on you - it will also help your pets avoid the stress of moving day.

3.  Update Your Pet's Identification Tags
If the phone number on your pet's collar will be changing, don't forget to get a new tag with the correct information. If your pet is micro-chipped, you may also need to get in touch with your vet to update this information. Be sure to keep a collar on your pet throughout the moving process; if the worst should happen and you become separated, you will want your information to be easily accessible to the people who find your dog or cat.

4.  Be Smart About The Road Trip
The safest way for your pet to travel in the car is always in a carrier. (Confining your pet with a restraining harness is the second-best option.) Keeping your animals confined can protect them in the event of an accident, and it prevents them from causing an accident by distracting the driver.

5.  Keep Water And Food Bowls Easily Accessible
Your pets need to eat and drink just like you do, and you should always be prepared to provide for these needs. Be sure to keep some food or treats handy in case your travel should be delayed and your pet needs to eat before you arrive at your destination. Keep water bowls nearby, too, so your pet can stay hydrated during the journey.

6.  Plan Ahead For Accommodations
If you will be staying in a hotel at any point during the moving process, be sure to think ahead and make reservations at a pet-friendly hotel. You should never leave your pet alone in a vehicle overnight - or for any extended amount of time, for that matter.

7.  Integrate Your Pet Into Your New Home Quickly
Much like humans, pets rely on familiar environments to feel secure. In order to make your pet feel comfortable and safe in your new home, set out familiar toys, beds, or other objects and make sure they know where to find necessary items such as their food dishes, water bowls, and litter boxes.

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