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Buying a home is a big financial decision, but so is selling a home.  Whether you are selling your first home or your fifth, a number of questions come up when you decide to sell.  If you decide to sell your home near Eldon, MO, you may have a few questions. Our team of experienced real estate agents in mid-MO specialize in helping homeowners sell their property.  This week, Devine & Associates has provided some frequently asked questions about selling a home, to help you prepare.  If you are in the market to sell your home near Eldon, MO, these questions may help you get a better grasp on the transaction.

Q: How much is my house worth?

A: The pricing information is based on several different factors, including size, location, and other features. The current housing market plays a large part in determining the worth of your property, as well. To have an agent come look at your home to help you narrow down a listing price, contact Devine & Associates today.

Q: How long will it take to sell my property?

A: Just like home worth, a number of circumstances affect the length of time it takes to sell your home in the area. Your trusted real estate agents in Eldon, MO can help improve your chances by our marketing your home to get it in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

Q: Is staging my home really important?

A: Yes, staging does matter.  A staged home helps it appeal to more potential buyers. On average, a staged home sells 88% faster, according to Realtor.com. To highlight all of the great features when selling your home, consider staging your space before listing it for sale.  If you need suggestions about staging a home for selling, contact Devine & Associates today!

Q: Should I be present when potential buyers are looking at my house?

A: No, you should not be home when buyers schedule a showing. This can be uncomfortable for everyone involved. If the potential buyers have any questions that the real estate agent cannot answer, their agent will contact your agent for further detail. You want buyers to feel at ease and like they can really look around when touring your space.

Q: What should I disclose about my property?

A: It is important to disclose anything which you are aware of when selling your home. Honesty is the best policy when listing your home for sale.

Q: What should be done to prepare my home before listing?

A: This is the type of question that has a different answer for every situation. An agent can look at your home and make suggested updates or changes if they see needed. If you want one of our professional agents to take a look at your property and make any suggestions for selling, contact Devine & Associates today!

Now that you know the answers to some of these frequently asked questions about selling your home, you're ready to prepare your home to sell. If you are thinking about selling, contact Devine & Associates. We can help you through the entire selling process. From making suggestions for upgrades to your space to listing your property, to closing on your home, we are here to help during your entire real estate transaction!

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