Tips for Moving with Kids

Now that you have purchased your dream home near Eldon, MO, you are ready to start packing! Moving can be an overwhelming time but moving with kids can increase the stress level.  Kids can present a whole new set of obstacles when it comes to completing your move but moving is a great way for the entire family to come together. Your team of real estate agents in Eldon, MO has provided some helpful tips to make moving with children a bit easier.

Start EARLY!

You will thank yourself later for starting months (not weeks) earlier than you think is reasonable.  It is very hard to accomplish any task quickly when you have small children running around.  By giving yourself lots of time to plan and execute your move, you won’t have to rush, and you will find yourself with a much lower stress level.

Prepare Your Kids Before the Move

It is important that your kids understand the positives that can come with moving.  At some ages children are only able to see the negatives – for example, a grade-school child may only see that they are losing friends and having to start at a new school.  Younger children may not have a good understanding of what the term “moving” even really means.  Explain to your children exactly what will happen and take time with each child one-on-one to see if they have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming move.  Emphasize the positives of the move, and get your kids excited for the new start. 

Pack, Discard, or Sell Items While your Kids are Asleep

Once you have explained the moving process to your children, pack things (especially items that have no emotional value to them) while they are asleep.  This will be very helpful down the line.  As any parent of small children knows, picking up can be hectic when you have a toddler pulling things out of boxes no sooner than you have put them in.  Packing is the same, only more stressful.  If you plan to sell or donate items, the time to stash them in your car is while the kids are sleeping.  The same goes for anything you plan to discard of in the trash.  Oftentimes the stress of leaving a first home will have children attaching to items that, if you were not moving, they may not even realize they still had.  Packing while your children are sleeping will also afford you extra time to help your children manage their emotions about leaving their home when they are awake.  Use the extra time to make memories (you may even consider making a scrapbook of things your kids want to remember about their “old house”).

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Ask for help with the kids, and lots of it.  You will need more help entertaining your kids during this stressful time.  If you have family members or friends reaching out asking how they can help, request that they watch your kids.  Taking the kids out for a day of adventure, taking them to the movies, or even just entertaining them in the part of the house you’re not packing, will be some of the best help you can receive.  If you can focus, you will be able to accomplish more, and your stress level will be lower.  The lower your stress level is throughout the entire moving process, the calmer and more accepting of the move your children will be.  If you seem stressed and worried about the move, your kids will sense your apprehension and may feel the same way.

Let the Kids Help You Pack

If your children are old enough, let them help you by packing some of their personal belongings.  Even younger children can sort their toys and help you wrap objects in tissue, newspaper, or bubble wrap.  Lead by example, and it is amazing what kids will pick up!  Having your children involved in the packing process keeps them involved in the moving experience and makes it an exciting family affair.  Having your kids help with the packing also will keep them busy…at least for a little bit!

Stay Organized!

Just as starting (very) early is highly important to a successful move with children, so is staying organized.  Start by packing up items that you do not use on a daily basis.  Keep items in boxes separated by the rooms they belong in and label them clearly.  Label boxes of your kids’ stuff very clearly.  This will save you down the road when you are looking for that one toy they just have to play with right now.  Including lots of detail when you label your boxes will save you time and frustration in the long run.  Using a color-coding system can also come in handy.  Colored duct tape can be used as a label for each family member (each member has a different color), or you can use the colored duct tape as a label for each room (just make sure you know what color goes to what room!).  However you choose to organize, keep your system consistent and you will thank yourself later.

Pack Each Family Member One Suitcase

If you will have to stay in temporary housing, make sure you have enough clothing and necessary items for each family member for the time you will be staying there.  By packing these bags before-hand, you can avoid over-packing or forgetting a toothbrush or favorite stuffed animal to sleep with.  Keeping extra clothes handy is also important because kids make messes! Even if you are not planning on staying anywhere between your old house and your new house, keeping a smaller bag for each family member is always a good idea.  This way, you don’t have to unpack everything just to find your child’s favorite pajama pants the first night in the new home.  Make sure each child has activities and/or games of some sort in their bag, and have your kids help you pick out what they want in their bag.  This is a way of making sure you don’t pack something that is emotionally important to your child – they will have a much easier time with the move if they have familiar items with them.  This also ensures that your kids have something to do during any car or plane rides from one home to another.  Keeping these things sorted into individual bags will help your children emotionally – they will feel better knowing they have “their own stuff” -- but it will also help you with organization!

Say Goodbye to Your Old House

Just as saying goodbye to friends and neighbors is important, saying goodbye to the home itself can help your kids deal with the emotions that come with leaving their first home.  We mentioned earlier the idea of making a scrapbook of “house memories” or things your children want to remember about their old home.  The day of the move, after all the items have been moved out of the home, give your children time to visit each of those memorable places in the house.  Let each child have a certain amount of time to “say goodbye” to each room of the house, in whatever way you feel is appropriate.  This can help give your children closure and have them excited to move into a new home where they can create new memories.

BONUS TIP: Keep the Moving Boxes for as Long as Possible

After you have moved into your new home and unpacked your items, keep those moving boxes for your kiddos!  They make awesome forts, tunnels, rockets, boats, etc. and will keep your kids entertained for hours!

Now that you know these helpful tips for moving with kids, you are ready to start packing up your home. Organization is key to any move, and even more important with children involved. Your trusted real estate agents in Eldon, MO are here to offer guidance for a successful move with your kids. To start your home search, contact Devine & Associates today! We look forward to helping you find the right place for you and your family.

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