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It's summertime which means the housing market is heating up just like the weather!  If you're like most people, you want to move during the summer when school is out and the weather is nice.  According to Trulia, the volume of home sales in June is 29% above the annual average.  We've got some hot tips to help you capitalize on this scorching selling season without spending much money.  If you're in the market to buy or sell your home in Eldon, MO, Devine & Associates is here to help.

1. Boost Your Curb Appeal

One of the best ways to draw attention from potential buyers is to spruce up your front yard.  If the outside of your house catches their eye, they will definitely want to take a look inside.  Boosting your curb appeal is also fairly easy because a few fresh changes make a big difference.  In the summer heat, it is super important to water your lawn to keep it looking lush and green.  It is also a great time to take advantage of the blossoming flowers.  Updating your garden with pretty flowers adds color to your house and makes it look more inviting.  Additionally, easy fixes such as adding fresh mulch or touching up the paint go a long way.  

2. Bring the Inside Out

When showing your house in the summer, it is important to not only stage the inside but the outside as well.  Great outdoor spaces are highly valued by buyers, so the summertime is a great time to really play up these spaces.  If you have a patio set, stage it like you would the dining table inside.  If you have a barbecue set, stage it with barbecue tools.  If you have a pool, that is a huge plus for a summer sale, so make sure it is looking its best.  The pool should be clean and shrubs should be trimmed.  Add patio furniture to create a sense of relaxation.  The idea is to make potential buyers feel like they can picture themselves spending time in the space and seeing the value it adds.

3. Bring the Outside In

With fresh flowers blooming outside, you might as well bring a few of them in.  Flowers are a nice touch because they brighten up the space and smell fresh.  Additionally, they create a fluid theme that links the inside to the outside.  Buyers, especially first time home buyers, like to imagine themselves using every space.  By putting flowers inside and outside, it creates an illusion of an open floor plan that flows from the front door and out to the backyard or patio.  It is also a good idea to update your interior to match the season outside.  Some simple fixes include swapping heavy curtains for lighter ones to let in more natural light or decorating with summer colors like white and yellow.  Using lighter colors can also make a room feel bigger.

4. Deep Clean

Everyone knows the importance of a good spring cleaning, but when it comes time to sell your home, you need to be much more thorough.  Potential buyers look at every nook and cranny which means you have to pay attention to every detail.  Clean the baseboards and the grout between tiles, dust the blinds, and wash the windows.  In the hot summer months, don't neglect the ceiling fans.  They should be clean and turned on during an open house.  Additionally, any good deep clean requires a good decluttering.  Getting rid of bulky furniture creates more space and makes a room feel larger.  Clear off your countertops because it will create the illusion of more counter space.  Potential buyers will also be opening draws, cabinets, and closets, so it is important to declutter these areas as well.

5. Depersonalize

When potential buyers walk through your house they want to be able to envision making it their home.  By getting rid of your personal touches, it makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine building their own lives there.  You should take down photographs, keepsakes, and quirky collectibles.  Staging should be generic and basic so potential buyers can picture adding their own personal touches to the space.

6. Blast the AC

You want potential buyers to feel comfortable in your home, so having the air conditioning working properly is essential.  Buyers will be going in and out of the hot car as they are ushered from one open house to another, so keeping your house cool will make them feel better as soon as they walk in the door.  Providing refreshments such as a pitcher of lemon water or stocking the fridge with cold drinks is also a great way to make buyers feel at home.

7. Do the little things

When putting your house on the market, it is important to pay attention to the details.  Rather than spending tons of money to renovate your home and make everything up to date, a few small fixes can go a long way.  You can actually make more money and sell faster by knocking a little off the price than by spending thousands of dollars on a brand new kitchen.  Instead, spend your money on any necessary repairs required to pass inspection.  If you have anything that is really an eyesore, such as stained carpet, it may be worth replacing.  Without spending too much money, quick updates like a fresh coat of paint or some new mulch in the garden can make a big difference.

The housing market is heating up this summer and you don't want to miss out.  Buyers are eager to purchase during the summer, but with a lot of houses on the market, you want to make yours stand out.  These quick tips will help you sell your home faster this season.

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