Things to Ask Your Significant Other Before Buying a Home Together

Buying a home is one of the most exciting times for many couples. It's a great way to commit to one another, whether you are married or not. While it may seem like an easy process to buy a home with someone else, but you have a number of opinions and tastes to please. Before you buy a home near Eldon, MO together, it can be beneficial to discuss the process. Take a look below for some of the things you should go over before you buy a home together.


Before you start looking, it's best to compromise on a home location that the two of you like. This can help to avoid a fight during the home shopping process if you both want to live in different areas. Whether you want to live in town or on a rural property, it's best to make this decision beforehand. It can also help to narrow down your search and not be overwhelmed with all the properties for sale, especially if you are not interested in a certain area.

Home Type

The type of home is a big deal. Whether you prefer a ranch or modern style, it's best to come to an agreement upon which home style is a good fit for your family. Not everyone is dead set on a style, which can help you decide if the look and feel of each individual home is ideal for you. Try to make a list of wants and needs with your significant other to help ensure you both get features of your liking in your home.

Room Designation

Once couples find a home they love, deciding what each room's purpose will be can be difficult. If there is a bonus room or space, each person may have their own agenda for space. Try to weigh the pros and cons of this room and come to a decision together. If one person wants a work out room and the other wants an in-home office, try to compromise and create a room with a dual purpose to help make both parties happy! You don't want a disagreement like this to put a damper on your home buying experience.

Financial Responsibility

Buying a home is likely the largest financial commitment many couples will make. Before buying a home, discuss the financial burden each of you will take to make homeownership a reality. It's best to discuss this beforehand that way you are both fully aware of what each of you expects. Budgeting can be a tense subject for many couples but a home purchase should be a joint effort.

How to Handle a Break-Up 

While this may not be the most fun part of buying a home with your significant other, it's best to have a discussion as to what will happen with the home, should the two of you part ways.

Now that you have seen a few of the points you should discuss before buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks, you can go over these situations with your significant other. It's best to have these discussions before you start looking for a home, that way you are both on the same page when it comes time for your home search near Eldon, MO. If you are ready to find your dream home, give Devine & Associates a call today! We can help you find the perfect property for you and your family!

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