Perks of Buying a Home with Land

The benefits of buying a home with land are many, including more space, more privacy, and a pretty view. Owning more land than home also has property tax advantages. You know what you want for your property and your home, and Devine & Associates knows the mid-Missouri Real Estate market. Whether you want a starter home, a ranch, or a hobby farm, Devine & Associates can assist you during this home and land buying process. Your team of real estate agents in Eldon, Missouri want to ensure you are prepared for this milestone in your life. Devine & Associates have provided some helpful perks for home and land buyers below!


One of the main reasons to buy a home with land in mid-Missouri is to live privately. Fencing in or gating your new property will add your needed privacy and with effective tree planting and creative landscape design, you can isolate your home away from roads or other properties. The open country side, the fresh air and peacefulness, and the seclusion that a more private property brings will make your new home a more comfortable and relaxing place to live.

Mother Nature

One great advantage of owning acres of land is the ability to use nature and its elements. You will have plenty of space to plant gardens and grow your own vegetables. Being outside in nature has a very positive effect on your health, and more greenery on your property lowers pollution levels and provides privacy. You can customize your landscaping design and renovate your new house to your preferences, all while keeping your original property’s natural charm.

Expansion Opportunities

When you buy a home with land in the Eldon, Miller, Morgan, and Camden counties, you leave yourself plenty of room to expand your home to your liking. You can add extensions or renovations, build a greenhouse to grow plants and vegetables, add a pool, or put on a new deck. You can also attach a garage or shop to your home or place it on another part of your property.

Buying a home with land near Eldon, Missouri area allows you to continuously make upgrades to the property and to the home, and allows you to expand your family and create memories that last a lifetime. If you buy a home with land, your children will have more room to run and play, and you have the opportunity to build a barn or run a farm. A house on a large property has plenty of room for grazing animals, agricultural land, and vegetation.

Devine & Associates Real Estate specializes in first time home buyers and is localized in the Eldon real estate market, but also in Miller, Morgan, and Camden counties. Additionally, we focus on investment properties, farms, lots, bank-owned properties, and new construction. The Devine & Associates team works together to go above and beyond the hope and dreams of our clients!

Now that you have read up on perks of buying a home with land, you are ready to purchase a home near Eldon, Missouri. Being prepared to purchase your home can help the home buying process flow smoothly. If you are interested in buying your first house or piece of property, contact Devine & Associates today or visit our website at We look forward to helping you find your dream home near Eldon, Missouri!

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