Are Your Window Coverings Safe?

The month of October is Window Covering Safety Month and our real estate agents in Eldon, MO want to help ensure you and your family are safe. As a homeowner, it's important to create a safe environment for everyone who enters your home - especially those who live with you at all times. While it seems like a harmless object in your home, window coverings present a number of dangers, especially for small children. Take a look below to learn a little more about window covering safety, in honor of this month.

Secure Lose Cords

Mini blinds are a popular way to cover windows throughout many homes. Ensure the cord is secured at a safe level. Often times small children will crawl over and play with the cord. At this point they can get caught around the cord or pull too hard, leading to the entire set of blinds falling on your kids.

Keep Beds Clear of Windows

When arranging your kids rooms, ensure the bed or crib is a safe distance away from all window coverings. From trying to pull on curtains to playing with blind cords, there are a number of dangers lurking around windows. If you have a little one on the way, think ahead to place their crib a away from a window. Even though they won't be moving around right away, they will be mobile soon enough!

Watch Out for Vertical Blinds

Many sliding doors are covered with vertical blinds. These are a popular way to give a homeowner privacy, but they do present a few dangers to small children. The chain used to open and close the blinds are often an attraction for young kids.

Establish Safety Rules

As little ones start to move around, it's important to set boundaries surrounding window coverings. Explain the dangers of these objects to help steer kids away from them. This may deter a younger child from playing with window coverings and presenting a choking or falling hazard.

Consider Safer Window Coverings

When installing new window coverings, look into safer options. Cordless blinds are an easy way to eliminate a strangling hazard for small children. Kids are drawn to small objects, especially ones that hang within their reach and this helps to eliminate the danger all together. When selecting curtains, consider purchasing shorter curtains for short windows. While a taller curtain can help the window appear bigger and more pleasing to the eye, it may be safer to keep curtains out of reach of small children.

Now that you have learned some tips to make your window coverings a safer item in your home, you're ready to take action. Start taking steps to make your coverings safer for you, your family, and your friends. If you're looking to buy a home near the Lake of the Ozarks, our team can help you find the perfect place. Once you move in, you can ensure your window coverings are safe! We look forward to helping you find the right home for your wants and needs!

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