Solid Tips To Save On Your Home Energy Costs

With the summer heat in full force, you may be worried about your next electric bill. Whether you're a homeowner at the Lake of the Ozarks or are still waiting to find your dream home near Eldon, MO, there are a few different ways to reduce your energy consumption. In the summer months, it's best to focus on conserving energy, especially during the sunlight hours. Take a look at the tips provided below, by Devine & Associates.

Circulate Air

When the summer heat is bearing down, try to utilize fans inside your home to stay cool. Circulating air throughout your home can help it FEEL cooler than it actually is. This allows you to let the air conditioning creep up a bit, before your family is too uncomfortable. The breezy air allows you to stay cool, while the HVAC system gets a bit of a break.

Switch Off The Lights

While this is common knowledge and something almost everyone has heard, turning off the lights can help reduce your energy bill. Get your entire family on board in this effort. Remind them to switch the lights off when they exit a room. There's no reason to leave a light on in an empty room.

Unplug Unused Items

Vampire energy can put a strain on your energy bill, without you even knowing it. Try to unplug unused devices and appliances. You can also switch off and unplug power strips for items you don't use on a daily basis. Just having an item plugged into an electrical outlet can pull a little electricity, even if the device is not activated.

Monitor Appliance Use

It's best to run your appliances early in the morning or late in the evening. Items like your dishwasher, clothing washer and dryer, and oven can add extra heat into your home. Aside from pulling extra energy during peak hours, the heat trapped inside your home may rise when using these items during the day. When the heat of the sun in beating down and your home's HVAC system is trying to keep up, it's best to leave your appliances off.

Think About Your Air Conditioner Use

Evaluate what temperature your family can be comfortable (with the fans circulating air). This can help you keep your HVAC use at bay during the heat of the summer. When walking inside from out, your home may feel like a burst of cool air, even if it is not cranked down to an arctic level. Investing in a programmable thermostat can help you regulate the temperature inside your home, as well.

Close Vents Off

If you have an unused room in your home, consider closing off these rooms during the summer heat. Whether it's a spare room or a basement that is always cooler, it's a good idea to turn off the vents to reduce wasted air from cooling these spaces. Simply close the door off to this space and switch the vents to off, keeping cool air from entering the room.

Reduce Solar Heat

Try to keep your blinds and curtains closed during the heat of summer. Solar heat can easily enter your home through windows. The sun's rays can increase the level of heat inside your home. It's best to keep windows closed to reduce the amount of solar heat entering your home.

Now that you are armed with these great tips to reduce your home's energy consumption, you're ready to take on the summer heat. With a number of ways to make your home FEEL cooler and ways to lower the amount of energy pull, you can help keep your electric bill in check during the warm months. If you're thinking of jumping into first time homeownership, the team at Devine & Associates is here for you! Give the best real estate agents in Eldon, MO a call today! We'd love to help you with your home search.

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