5 Reasons to Buy a Home Warranty

If you're thinking about purchasing a home, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. From narrowing down the right home for you and your family to deciding how to decorate your new space, you may overlook an important factor of buying a home. A home warranty can help to pay for issues that may arise with the home systems or appliances. The best team of REALTORS® in Eldon, MO are here to help point out some of the reasons you should purchase a home warranty.

1) Avoid Major Expense

A home warranty offers a number of benefits, including replacement of faulty home systems or appliances. Depending on which warranty company you choose, there are different replacement and repair options available. Typically, when a covered appliance breaks down, your home warranty company will send out a technician to make a repair and/or replace the item. The same goes for a home systems - air conditioner or water heater - an attempt to repair the system will be made and if it cannot be fixed, then a replacement may take place.

2) Quick Repairs

Once you notice an item break down in your home, you can file a claim with the home warranty company and in a timely manor they will send out a technician to make a repair or replace the unit. A quick repair helps to ensure your home is in proper working order, as fast as possible. This can help avoid you being without an important system or appliance, in your home.

3) Professional Recommendation

A professional repair person will be sent to your home. Many home warranty companies will contract with a local company, in your area to make such repairs. After close consideration and feedback from other customers, the home warranty company will try to narrow down the right repair company to send to your home.

4) Reassurance In Purchase

If you've recently purchase a home, a home warranty can offer added reassurance of the home. Many times a buyer and seller will negotiate a home warranty coverage, during the sale of your property. This gives the buyer an added bonus of trust in the home they are purchasing.

5) Warranty Flexibility

Once it comes time to purchase or renew your home warranty, there is usually a flexibility option, depending on the company. There is usually an option for a year renewal or month-by-month payment options. This helps you decide which payment method works best for you and your budget.

A home warranty can come in hand in a number of instances. From a faulty water heater to a broken refrigerator, there are a TON of benefits of purchasing a home warranty. Basically, this adds an additional coverage to your home systems and appliances. Whether you're searching for a home near Eldon, MO or plan to sell your home at the Lake of the Ozarks, our team of agents can help you reach your real estate dreams. No matter what your goals are, we'd love to help you out!

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