Reasons To Own Your Home

There are a TON of benefits that go hand-in-hand with owning a home at the Lake of the Ozarks. From establishing equity to flexibility of decorating your space, the perks are hard to ignore. Your trusted real estate agents in Eldon, MO are here to point out some of the great reasons why YOU should own! To learn more, take a look at our points below for the benefits of homeownership.

Build Equity-

Equity is the part of the home you technically own, after starting to pay back your mortgage loan. This gives you more financial freedom, because you can actually borrow against that equity amount for new financial ventures.

Take Advantage of Appreciation-

Homes tend to go up in value, over time, especially if the housing market moves in that direction. Home updates and renovations can also help add the the value of your home, helping it appreciate, as well.

Predictable Pricing-

Unlike renting your space, you know exactly what your monthly mortgage payment is going to be for the length of your home loan. Often times when your lease expires, your rent goes up or you find a new place to live, which can be more expensive. This can help you budget your expenses and stay on track, financially. Knowing what your payment is going to be is very beneficial!

Decorative Freedom-

Many first-time homeowners have never been able to decorate their spaces exactly how they have always imaged. From hanging their favorite art and pictures on the walls to painting a new color, homeownership allows you the decorative freedom you crave!

Stability for Your Family-

Tests have shown that kids whose parents own a home, tend to do better in school. A safe and stable home environment can help adults and kids be at ease about their living situation. Owning allows you to create that stable place for your entire family.

Pay Own Mortgage-

Whether you own or rent, you are essentially making a mortgage payment either way. You may as well be investing your hard earned money into your own property. This in turn helps to build the equity in your home, which is another one of the perks of homeownership!

Establish Pride-

Owning a home is a BIG DEAL! It is an event to be very proud of. To help establish pride in yourself and your family, homeownership can offer just that!

Now that you know just a few of the MANY benefits of owning your own property, you may be interested in taking the leap into homeownership to reap the reward for yourself. If you are interested in buying a house near Eldon, Missouri, our team of agents are great to work with! We can help you through the entire buying process to ensure you are prepared for the exciting adventure that is soon to come! Contact Devine & Associates today to start the search for your dream home in Eldon, MO!

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