7 Reasons NOT to For Sale By Owner

One of the biggest transactions a person will make, is likely the sale of their real estate property. While it may seem easier to list your home for sale by owner, it actually involves a ton of hidden work. For the best chances at selling your house, consider listing with a professional. Your experienced real estate agents in Eldon, MO have provided a few of the many reasons to NOT list your home for sale by owner.

1. Buyer’s Agents Steer Clear

Many times an agent representing a buyer will not even look at homes listed by the owners. Realtors have a database they reference when searching for a home, and most likely, a house that is not listed with an agent will not appear on this list. This limits the pool of potential buyers on the market drastically, since the majority of buyers use an agent.

2. Number of People Involved

A long list of people involved in a home transaction need to be kept up with, when selling a home. The buyer, buyer’s agent, home inspectors, appraisers, and a mortgage company all have to correspond with the seller, if not represented by an agent.

3. Emotions Involved

It can be a hard task to keep your emotions out of the sale of your home. With real estate transactions involving a long list of people, a seller has to remain calm, cool, and collected. An agent can help deal with everyone involved, and take some of the emotional work out of the selling process, whereas selling yourself can be an emotional burden.

4. Marketing Tools

Aside from a number of marketing tools to sell your house, realtors have access to a large network that an individual would simply not have. With a vast knowledge of the current market situation and what marketing techniques work best, an agent knows what works and how to take advantage of the local real estate market.

5. Documentation Needed

Along with the people involved, a number of documents are needed to proceed with the sale of a home. For an unexperienced seller, it can be overwhelming and frustrating to deal with the amount of paperwork needed.

6. Negotiation Process

The process of negotiating, if someone does want to make an offer, can be extremely awkward for both the seller and buyer. An agent usually acts as a buffer during the negotiation process and helps to walk the seller through the proper steps.

7. Higher Income Off Sale

Studies have shown that selling a home FSBO does not net more than listing it with an agent. A realtor has experience with marketing and negotiation to emphasize a quicker sale, which will save money. They also have a number of pricing strategies available which typically results in the home selling for a higher amount, than if listed by the owners.

Now that you know a little more about the work that goes on behind the scenes, and the lower chances of a successful FSBO transaction, you may be ready to list your home with a professional. Real estate agents have all of the processes down that are involved in selling a home, this is their job. For better chances at selling your home quickly, a trusted team of realtors at the Lake of the Ozarks can help relieve you of the burden of selling. If you are in the market to sell a house near Eldon, MO, call Devine & Associates today. 

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