5 Things Homebuyers Should Never Say

Buying a home is a personal process, and no one knows this process better than your real estate agent. Sometimes it's easy to get too comfortable and accidentally say something in mixed company, which may result in unfavorable consequences.These things could possibly hurt the overall experience of buying a house in Laurie MO and they could cause problems in the negotiation process. Here are 5 things homebuyers should never say.

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1. This is My Dream House

This is a popular phrase that many people like to say when they think they've found the perfect house. Unfortunately, if you're overheard by the listing agent or the seller, you've just given away one of your best bargaining chips! If the seller knows that you think their house is your "dream house," then they may not be willing to negotiate a fair price. They could attempt to squeeze more money out of you because they now know how much the house means to you. It's okay to say nice things and compliment the house, just be careful how much you compliment it.

2. Why Are You Selling?

This is a perfectly logical question and one that many homebuyers would like to know. Sadly, this question could cause problems to arise. Perhaps the sellers are going through a personal or troubling experience. such as divorce, relocation, or worse. Asking questions is encouraged and should the subject arise, it's acceptable to ask if the conversation steers that way. If the seller isn't talkative, however, don't push for more information. You could be hurting your position in during the future negotiation process.

3. I Can Afford To Spend $X.XX

Negotiating a fair market price is a crucial step in the home buying process. By divulging information to the seller/listing agent about the state of your financial affairs or your pre-approval amount can directly interfere with obtaining the best price for the house. Listing agents want to get as much out of the sale as possible for their clients, and knowing what you can afford to spend could give them the perfect price to steer towards. If asked, you can state that a "fairly priced home matters more than the amount you can afford"

4. I Can't Wait to Change....

Even if you’ve found your dream home, it’s only natural for you to want to change a few things after moving in. However, be cautious about what comments you make in the presence of the sellers or their agents. The sellers may have a lot of personal investment in the property, and a negative comment from you could hurt or offend them. The important thing to remember is that the sellers probably loved their home, and they want to sell it to someone who will cherish it just as much as they have. Save any negative comments until you are in the privacy of your own space.

5. What's it REALLY Like to Live Here?

This is a question that many buyers feel the need to ask neighbors and locals. Unfortunately, this question may be too direct and could rub someone the wrong way. As we discussed earlier, if a conversation is naturally going this direction, great! If you push your neighbors for information before even moving in, however, your neighbors could form a poor impression of you - never a good way to start off in a new neighborhood.

Devine and Associates are Ready to Find Your Dream Home!

While you shouldn't talk with the listing agent or the seller and divulge that their home is perfect for you, you can talk to our team about it. We'll do our best to help you obtain the home that you think fits your needs. Our team is ready to find you homes in the Eldon MO area. If you are selling your current house, we can help you list your home and market it to interested buyers. Devine and Associates' agents will help you find the best homes in Mid-Missouri for you.


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