5 Ways to Prepare Your Roof For Winter Weather

The winter season is nearly upon us, and along with it will come the inevitable ice and snow.  Whether you own a home in Eldon or at the Lake of the Ozarks, you want to know that your roof will keep your house protected all season long.  Now is the time to make sure that your roof is in its best possible shape so that it can handle whatever winter throws at it.  Devine & Associates Real Estate has a few tips for you so that this winter your roof should remain problem-free.  

Inspect it, inside & out.

Before it's too cold and snowy outside to safely get on top of your roof, get out there and take a look.  Keep an eye out for any cracks or other damage.  Replace any caulking that needs it with a caulk that is approved for use on roofs.  Also check the flashing.  This is what keeps the areas waterproof near fireplaces, pipes on the roof, and other spots where the plane is interrupted.  Remove all dead leaves, branches, and anything else that has made its way up there.  After you are done cleaning up the outside of the roof, head inside and look for any damage and water spots there too.    

Clean the gutters.

Gutters that are full will soon fill up and freeze over once the snow and ice come. This leads to ice dams which can cause water to back up and leak into your home. This can ruin your attic and upper floors of the house.  Clean out all of the leaves and debris that have collected in your gutters over the fall season to keep this from happening.

Trim tree branches.

If you have trees that are close to the house, trim any branches that hang over the roof.  Getting rid of them now will prevent them breaking off and you having to get back up on the roof to remove them later.  

Upgrade attic insulation.

Heat from your home can escape through the roof with insufficient insulation.  This causes the snow on top to melt faster, which can result in an increased chance for leaks.  Upgrade your attic insulation to make sure that it keeps as much heat in, and cold out, as possible.  

Prepare for snow removal.

Be aware of how much snow your roof is capable of holding.  No one wants a gigantic amount of snow to accumulate all at once, but sometimes it does happen.  Any snow up there is a possibility for water to leak in.  Have a plan ready to remove the snow from your roof.  A roof rake is a great tool to keep stashed in your garage for this purpose.      

A little bit of preparation now, before the weather gets too cold to bear,  will go a long way in keeping your house from suffering from leaks and damage.  Devine & Associates Real Estate wants you to know everything possible to keep your house in excellent condition.  If you ever decide to sell your home in mid-Missouri, taking good care of it now will increase the value and avoid any last minute repairs before selling.  

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