5 Steps To Take When You're Ready To Sell Your Home

Congrats - you've finally decided to sell your home and now you're ready to take the plunge. Although making that decision may have felt like a major undertaking all on its own, you're just getting started. If you're planning to sell your home at the Lake of the Ozarks, it's time to take the following steps.

1. Get Organized
This is the first and one of the most important steps to take when you're trying to sell your home. Messy, cluttered, or disorganized rooms look smaller, which makes them unappealing to most buyers. Getting rid of everything you don't need anymore will help makes your room seem bigger - and make the moving process easier when the time comes!

2. Clean Everything (And Then Clean Again)
It's not a secret - no one wants to buy a dirty home. As soon as you get everything organized and decluttered (or maybe even while you're taking care of the initial organization) it's critical that you go through your house and scrub everything. After the initial deep clean, it's important to keep up with simple cleaning practices every day so that your home is always in pristine condition. You never know when the right buyer is going to walk through your door!

3. Repair Any Problem Areas
You may have been willing to put up with the constantly dripping faucet in the second bathroom, but prospective buyers may not be quite as forgiving. Buyers are already facing a lot of of expenses associated with buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks (closing costs, appraisal and inspection fees, and a down payment), and they may be less than enthusiastic about a home that will require more money to make repairs as soon as they move in. By handling any necessary repairs ahead of time, you can make your home appeal to more buyers.

4. Consider A Few Upgrades
If you're making repairs anyway, why not sweeten the deal? If you take the time to make a few upgrades to your home before it goes on the market, your home could draw the attention of even more buyers. Consider upgrading your kitchen appliances, replacing any old/worn flooring, or simply installing nicer faucets and shower heads in the bathrooms. If your home is in great condition and offers newer features, you may be able to increase your asking price.

5. Hire A Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate Agent
Even if this isn't the first time you've been preparing to sell your home, having a licensed real estate agent represent you can make the process much, much easier. Your real estate agent can coach you through the many other steps associated with selling a house, such as...
  • Staging Your Home
  • Pricing Your Home
  • Marketing Your Home
  • Negotiating A Sale Price
  • And More
Selling your home is a big undertaking, but it can be very rewarding if done right. The team at Devine & Associates Real Estate would love to help you with the process!

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